PSA: The Witcher’s First Season Drops At 7:00PM Tonight

PSA: The Witcher’s First Season Drops At 7:00PM Tonight
Image: IMDB / Netflix

If you had plans this Friday, it’s time to cancel. The Witcher‘s coming to Netflix this Friday, and the whole season is dropping at once.

Netflix has based the series on the books, rather than the timeline of events from CD Projekt Red’s famous video games, although the popularity of the games is probably what caused Netflix to make the series in the first place. Netflix actually originally wanted to turn the series into a film, but a company vice president convinced them otherwise, saying the franchise had much more potential.

If you want to know when The Witcher will drop in your timezone, here’s all the times:

But in terms of what the first season will pay attention to, it’s largely the Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and short stories. In case you’re wondering, the games are set decades after the books, which is partially why Henry Cavill’s look is a more youthful Geralt than what gamers are accustomed to. The two biggest characters in the first series will, naturally, be Ciri (Freya Allen) and Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra), and you can get glimpses at all of them in the official trailers below.

There’ll be eight episodes released this Friday. Here’s the episode titles:

  • The End’s Beginning
  • Four Marks
  • Betrayer Moon
  • Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials
  • Bottled Appetites
  • Rare Species
  • Before a Fall
  • Much More

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, showrunner for the series, is also the writer for the first and last episodes of the series. Alik Sakharov (Black Sails, Marco Polo, Goliath, Ozark, House of Cards) directed the first two episodes, with Alex Garcia Lopez (Utopia, Daredevil, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop and Charlotte Brändström (Conspiracy of Silence, Madam Secretary) directing the following episodes.

As for the exact timing, Netflix has traditionally released seasons in the afternoon or early evening Australian time. Anyone with the Netflix app installed on their phone will get a push notification as soon as it’s released, and you can toggle a notification to have Netflix add the series to your list as soon as it’s available.


      • You’re right, it’s brilliant. I originally had no intentions of watching it because I’ve grown pretty tired of anything involving superheroes or comic books. But after reading some interesting articles on it I thankfully changed my mind.

      • Best sci-fi since Battlestar Galactica hands down, they follow the books pretty well so far and if they keep going that way next season (already confirmed) is going to amazing.

        Still not as good as Firefly though…

        • I’m just gonna say it. Battlestar was better than Firefly 😛 It had a strange, weird universe by the end, but Firefly, through no fault of it’s own, never got to build its universe alas. It was a fun show but it didn’t get to flesh it’s own universe out much.

          • Definitely agree that TV wise Battlestar was better but there is an expanded universe for Firefly through Dark Horse comics that fleshes out the universe a lot more.

            It was a show that if it was to be released today would stir untold amounts of shit some parts don’t age well but only small parts even if they do fit the universe (just not real life).

            Would of been great to see more seasons and I’m sure if it premiered more recently it would have been “saved” by a streaming giant.

            Killjoys and Dark Matter (DM cancelled with no satisfying conclusion) are a great substitute for Firefly but doesn’t quite hit the mark, there are actually dome interesting connections to all three shows as well, it’s entirely possible they are all in the same universe.

          • Here’s a little annoying inside story for you. The inside reason Firefly got cancelled was never because of ratings. It was because the network presidents wife didn’t like the show… and she didn’t like Nathan Fillion. I mean you can take that as fake news if you like, but having known way back when people who worked in the industry, that was a pretty well known piece of info that travelled around circles.

            It may have also been the reason ANGEL got cancelled too…

            Annoying isn’t it :\

          • That’s absurd, how can anyone with a soul dislike Nathan Fillion, that’s like hating puppies and kittens or a child’s laughter.

      • It’s cheesy at times like a great 80s fantasy but epic like a brilliant modern one. Then has a massive monster fight (episode 3… daaaaamn) so far it’s bloody excellent.

          • Bloody savage wasn’t it! The Butcher of Blavakin fight as well holy crap! When Geralt stabs the guy in the face, then pulls the sword out the side of his head. OMG. I also love how he holds the sword upside down in a reverse grip pose, his physical size, plus how savage he is in the fights. *Damn*. He’s actually bigger in this than he was in Man of Steel, BVS and Justice League, and it shows!

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