Real Overwatch Loot Box Opens, Reveals 100% Chance Of Marriage Proposal

I’m not sure what this says about the odds of a successful union, but it’s at least a very nice way to spend big on an engagement.

When Gavin Carter—a producer on Fallout 3 and Halo 4—wanted to propose to his girlfriend recently, he didn’t want to do things the old fashioned way. Instead, he commissioned Optimistic Geometry (who did that amazing folding Mass Effect pistol we featured last year) to make an Overwatch loot box that not only looked like the real thing, but opened up like one as well.

£4000 (USD$5200) and twelve months later, Carter had his loot box for the big occasion, and just look at it go:

To see how it performed on the night, here’s video of the proposal:

And if you want to see inside the box, check out how it all actually works, here’s some behind the scenes footage:


    Can I just say that I like that there's three videos here: The short produced one showing it off, the "real" one of it being used in context and the behind-the-scenes how it works one. If you're not interested in one or more of these things you don't have to skip through a longer video just to see it. I like that approach.

    Yet another loot box full of dumb voice lines. *sigh*

    Would have been more realistic if it only gave the ring 1% of the time and the rest of the time it just spat out garbage.

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