Remilia, The First Woman To Compete In The League Of Legends Championship Series, Dies At 23

Remilia, The First Woman To Compete In The League Of Legends Championship Series, Dies At 23
Photo: Riot Games

Twitch Streamer and former professional League Of Legends player Maria “Remilia” Creveling died on Friday at the age of 23, according to a Tweet from her close friend and esports journalist Richard Lewis.

“It is with great sadness that I inform you that my best friend Maria Creveling passed away peacefully in her sleep yesterday,” Lewis explained in the Tweet, which was posted yesterday.

Remilia made in history in 2015 when she became the first woman to make it into the League Of Legends Championship Series while playing for Renegades. However, in 2016 she left citing harassment and stress as the main reasons for leaving.

In 2017, after leaving the LCS she joined the Latin American team Kaos Latin Gamers. After competing for one event with the team she had to leave due to a paralysed vocal cord. She returned to the US for surgery. Last month, she competed in the Twitch Rivals Team Draft and streamed often on Twitch.

Remilia’s boyfriend posted his thoughts on Twitter saying she wouldn’t want a lengthy public statement. “So all I’ll say is the 4 months I knew her were the best of both our lives and although she deserved so much more, it was a privilege to know her for the short time I did.”


  • Wow, this is an outright disgusting thing to write on a post about someone’s death.

    Remilia was a woman. Don’t talk like that, because it only reflects poorly on you.

  • Come on man, this article is neither the time or the place for this. Let her fans, friends and family mourn, there will be 1000 more posts today where you can share your view (even if I disagree with it in general) just leave this one be.

  • I think it’s pretty certain to say that ‘passed away peacefully’ is an aphorism for a troubled and harassed person taking their own life.

    If you want to know why someone would take their own life, all you need to do is type ‘Remilia’ into the search bar up top left, click on the three other stories about her on this site, and read the comments. There’s a lot of them.

    I doubt this comment will be published and if it is, the people who need to read it will either miss it or ignore it.

    But here’s the truth. There’s a bunch of people on this site who are viciously toxic. And while most of the time that toxicity is just them venting their issues with women and ‘SJWs’ into the ether, there’s a real impact to their attitudes.

    That impact is, in the final analysis, death.

    Their nasty little voices were part of the choir that hounded this person to death, day in, day out, for years.

    And while they will handwave and justify and downplay as much as they like, that’s the stone cold truth. They are hateful creatures, who destroy others because they don’t deal with their own prejudice.

    There’s no point telling them to stop. They’re broken. But there’s plenty of people who read the comments on this site, see their alt-right rants and choose not to slap them down.

    And that’s why many articles here are echo chambers for the same nuggets of nastiness who have made this site their home, because their noisy whining becomes dominant.

    Don’t let them. Slap them down, let them know their nasty views are resisted.

    • I know nothing of this person and this situation but I know exactly what you’re talking about and you’ve summed it up perfectly.

    • Considering the cause, at this point, is “passed away peacefully in her sleep” think you should hold up on the finger pointing until an official diagnosis… Unless you want to start blaming innocent people for randoms dying of natural causes.

      Although that wouldn’t be the first time…

    • I don’t know if we can definitively say she did yet. Possible she did. Harassment is a horrendous thing.

      But there’s various things which can lead to this as well. As an epileptic, I live with the slight fear of this happening every day for example. Not saying it did, just saying it’s possible? Going to be interesting to see what definitively happened though. My heart definitely goes out to her family.

      • Did you actively plan to try and distract from the relevance of the point to your posting style with this comment, or was this just a happy accident of poor reading comprehension and unconscious self identification guilt?

        Either way, I suggest you will benefit from re-reading the post and silently contemplating it’s ramifications for your behaviour.

        If you need it spelled out more clearly – your ideological views are ones that actually cause people to kill themselves.

        There’s tens of thousands of other perspectives in this world that are not as actively harmful as the ones you regularly espouse here.

        You should probably try switching to one of those if you want to think that you’re a good person.

        • Champ I guarantee I do more in the real world to actually save lives than your comment does but you do you.

        • Oh please.

          Shut the fuck up.

          You using her death (Which wasn’t a suicide btw champ) to virtue signal makes you just as bad as the ones you decry.

          None of our views killed anyone. You proclaiming as such frankly makes you knobhead.

        • It’s telling that you actually defended odys comment before it was deleted by the mods. You actually defended a comment calling for the mass murder of people with opinions different to yours.

          You arent noble, You are a coward.

        • Mate. You’re actually delusional.

          You know what causes people to kill themselves. Weakness and selfishness. How do I know? Been there, tried that. Sure, everyone’s “reasons” are different, but at the end of the day, they all boil down to being weak and selfish.

          You know what “ideologies” cause people to kill themselves? The kinds that create victim mentalities. Where, somehow, being a victim is seen as a quality to strive towards.

          Hop off your high horse mate, no participation awards for you today

          • You deserve to be called out specifically. You never miss a chance to take a dig at anything you perceive as containing even the slightest hints of a trans-positive, or lets face it even trans-neutral, message. You have personally been a major part of making Kotaku AU comments an extremely unwelcome place for trans readers.

            You constantly cry about SJWs ruining everything because you’re ‘forced’ to hear opinions like ‘this cool indy game was made by a woman… who happens to be trans’ in a couple of articles a week, but you don’t see that while you get to have your sook and a rant then go do whatever it is you do trans readers get the joy of hearing your poorly thought out opinions everywhere they go.

            You are part of a group of people that makes every day life extremely hard for trans-gender people (and a bunch of other groups too). You can lie to yourself and pretend they love being victims, because apparently being treated like a sideshow freak is worth it for the dizzying high of occasionally having someone say ‘you’re so brave’ without actually helping you in any way, but you have to acknowledge that they’re YOUR victims.

          • Sorry… Point to me anywhere, anywhere where I have said anything “transphobic”… Oh wait… You can’t, because not once have I, not even in any of these comments here, you drongo. Want to know why. Not transphobic.

            In fact, none of my comments here have been about Remilia or her unfortunate passing, they have been in direct response to idiotic comments like the one above, trying to turn this into some sort of virtue signalling bull crap.

            I even corrected someone who had mislabeled and misgendered her *shrug*

            In fact, from what little I have read and know about Remilia, she seems to have been quite an upstanding young person. Hell, she was even against people trying to use her for some LGBT activism crap within the gaming community, her gaming seat isn’t even cold and people are trying to attribute “death of natural causes” with “bad words from people”, which, from all accounts she would be against.

            The official cause of death (which hasn’t changed for the last week) is “peacefully in her sleep”. Considering her “close friend” who confirmed and reported the death said the exact same thing shows that this was not a case of suicide brought on by bullying and harassment, as you lot seem to want to believe.

            But please, once again, show me how I have somehow bashed any message within the article itself, where I have even addressed the article or it’s contents in any form of negative light.

            You absolute, ignorant dunce.

          • Also, as a side note, are you trans? Or are you just trying to white knight, while spitting actual garbage. Maybe you should give them the platform instead of taking it from.

            I can say, without a word of a lie, that not one comment I have ever made on Kotaku has ever been at the detriment of trans people. Go through and look for all of them. Hell, I’ll even give you my login details to make it easier to find all my comments.

            Any and all of my “negative” comments have been and will continue to be, aimed at virtue signalling, sjw, “feminist” (note the quotation marks), white knights, like yourself.

          • I’m not calling you transphobic, although I really do think you have some obvious problems with most ‘progressive’ ideas even if you don’t acknowledge it, I’m saying your list of triggers leaves you looking for a fight whenever the subject comes up and it results in you posting a lot of shitty things. I’m saying you personally contribute a lot to making Kotaku AU an extremely unwelcoming place for trans readers. Obviously you’re just one voice but combined with other people you use that voice to play an active role in making life suck for large groups of people. What you do here gives trans readers, among others, one less place to go where they can just relax.

            I was talking about your overall behaviour on the website rather than any specific comments in this article, but let’s just take a look at the comment I was replying to. First, you take an uncalled for jab at people who commit suicide. Aside from being absolutely tone deaf, this is an article about death/comment about mental health after all, and a message that mental health professionals consider extremely dangerous, it ultimately boils down to you bragging that you didn’t kill yourself because you’re so strong willed and selfless (and if that is truly why you didn’t commit suicide you need to speak to an actual professional right away because burying issues that way is not healthy. Everyone can benefit from therapy and your GP can handle a mental health plan, so there’s nothing to lose).
            Then you follow it up by blaming victims. In this case who are the victims you’re referring to? Is it victims in society in general? I honestly believe that was your intent because you’re constantly veering off topic to bitch about random groups, but take a second to read the god damn room.
            In this context regardless of your intent you’re making a statement about suicide in relation to trans-gender readers. You’re saying they choose to make themselves the victims, and again I accept that you probably mean people who kill themselves in general, but people who kill themselves due to people’s inability to not publicly dissect their gender are part of people in general and telling them they want to be victims is just insane. It’s a horrible thing to say about anyone.

            Yes, we’re all well aware of your list of targets. It’s all basically people saying or doing things that are positive but doing so in a way that upsets you. You can tell yourself that it’s not specifically anti-anything but you always seem to be attacking people representing groups like these. You tell yourself you’re not anti-LGBT because you only attack SJWs, but at the end of the day you slap the SJW label on pretty much anyone who makes a pro-LGBT statement and doesn’t upvote your ‘counter point’ for being insightful, so you’re anti-SJW stance is functionally indistinguishable from being anti-LGBT.

            Your “negative” comments are unnecessary, your opinions are simplistic and rarely go deeper than a knee jerk response, and you’ve literally never made any progress towards your goal of shutting down SJWs, so why not give it a rest and just stick to the articles about games? You can vent all the negativity you want there. Fuck Mass Effect 3.

    • And lo and behold, a couple of days later, the prophecy was fulfilled!

      Post after post of these horrible people crawling out to ‘defend’ their nastiness.

      I mean my dudes, you didn’t HAVE to self identify when I mentioned unspecified scumbags and the fact you did, well, it kinda tells everyone you know what you are and you know what you do.

      That’s the sad thing about all this.

      This post is COMPLETELY general. It identified no one. It didn’t even make an ‘ideological’ point.

      It made the simple comment that people here, and in other places, hound trans folk (and others) for no reason other than pure nastiness – and that hounding can cause death.

      Now that’s a comment NO ONE should have a problem with, unless they’re out and out psychopaths…

      …or they are the people who KNOW they do this, feel guilty, and want to justify themselves so they can’t help posting defensively.

      Well, a good percentage of them sure outed themselves.

      And you know what? They’ll get to this point in reading this post, finger hovering over ‘reply’ and their brain will go:

      ‘Hmm should I out myself again as someone defending transphobic abuse? Or should I just keep quiet?’

      Some of them will be smart enough to take the latter path.

      But the really broken ones will just have their brains go REEEEEEEESJWSEEEEEEEE and twist into insane knots of justification before smashing out their response because


      If it wasn’t so miserable it would be fascinating to see how people do this to themselves.

    • Dying in your sleep like she did is something that is genuinely terrifying. It’s hard to imagine going to sleep normally as you would only to never wake up.

      • I honestly don’t know, man. I’ve debated this with myself countless times and I can’t decide what is worse, to slip away, without noticing, without understanding, without saying goodbye… or to feel the fear of the end, the impotence to stop it, regrets, uncertainty, sadness…

        • Im not gonna lie, Ive had some of those thoughts before. And its lead to me focusing more on myself and improving where i can.

          Life is a fleeting thing, Id rather spend the time i do have enjoying it rather than worrying about the end.

        • I look at it this way.

          1) I believe in heaven, in which case, I won’t be sad to have passed away in my sleep as I will be rejoicing at being in heaven. Popular Christian thought is that we won’t have any actual recollection/feeling towards our earthly time, so it doesn’t matter. (Unless of course, I go to hell for rejecting God’s love and choosing to not follow Him, but that’s Noether here not there in this matter)

          2) I believe there is nothing after death. So I would be none the wiser, and therefore it doesn’t matter.

          Either way, personally, I’d rather die in my sleep without a care in the world. But that’s me.

  • Just more reason why cyber bullying needs to stop, guess they discovered he was a she and she whooped their collective arses. I’m still surprised we live in a world where cyber crimes still have not entered into the legal system. In the right context we would have cyber criminals behind bars, under the right context of course.

    • She was a he*

      Remilia was a m2f transgender. Careful with your wording, that’s transphobic to some people here

      • Lol @angorafish, the silent assass, can always count on you.

        What was it this time? Was I wrong? Was Remilia m2f transgender? Do people would see the mislabeling of her as being transphobic?

        Or are you so far removed from reality that you just dislike comments based on who commented, and not actually the content of it.

        I’m going with the latter.

        • How about we go with your toxic inability to avoid a quick dig at ‘some people here’, which really is the only reason for this, your original post and the vast majority of your other contributions to this site generally.

          But let’s not pass up an opportunity to make you the centre of the universe, shall we? I really do just spend the entirety of my life waiting with my finger hovering over the down vote button just to make you miserable.

          • Am I wrong though? Would “some people here” find the mislabeling of her, transphobic? Yes or no.

            It’s not a dig, if it’s the truth.

            Lol, as if the very first comment on this entire article isn’t solely about having a dig at “some people here” either, it’s just at the people you like to take a dig at also. I mean… If it smells like hypocrisy…

            You’re the one making me the centre of the universe… I never said you waited for me and only targeted my comments, I made a very general comment about how you go about your business. But thanks for further proving my original point.

          • It’s a dig if you’re making a cheap point intended to disparage someone or something you disagree with. And the only reason we’re having this conversation is that you were so angry at a thumb that you couldn’t help but vomit out a torrent of even more self absorbed abuse to validate your own righteous victimhood.

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