Ryan Reynolds Is Basically A GTA Online NPC In The First Trailer For Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds Is Basically A GTA Online NPC In The First Trailer For Free Guy

In games like GTA Online and Red Dead Online, you can find numerous unnamed NPCs who are just living their life as players kill them, steal from them and blow up their cars and homes. Free Guy, a new film coming out next year, askes the question: What would happen if one of those NPCs fought back?

I like Ryan Reynolds a lot, but boy does this not look like a good film. Maybe I’m too harsh, but the jokes feel old and the whole thing looks like one of those “GTA In Real Life” videos, with a bigger budget, that have been around for years.

But who knows. Maybe the full film, which comes out July 2, 2020, will be better.


  • Emmet from the Lego movie crossed with They Live? Looks fun, l’m in. Not right away of course ‘cos who has that kind of money to go to the cinema? I’ll wait till it comes out on Netflix.

    • who has that kind of money to go to the cinema

      Most people? Don’t go day one, but buy your tickets online, join cinebuzz, go after a few weeks and pick up 8 dollar tickets or something? Or support your local Cineplex who are cheap as dirt?

      • Sorry Weresmurf, that was meant to be tongue in cheek but trips to the movies are usually reserved for something the whole family want to see and that does add up.

          • Should be redeemable next time you go to the cinema. Thats how they suck you in – you get stuck in a vicious cycle of buying popcorn after redeeming your choctop, then having to go back to get your next freebie choctop.

            Of course, you need the voucher, which they should have emailed to you. You did get the email, didnt you?

          • @grunt you know, I DID have this black card they gave me, which actually (and I’m for real here lol) gave me unlimited refills on my popcorn). Do you think we EVER used it once??? Nope 🙁 required us to leave the cinemas to top it up during the film… silly us.

        • the one good thing about small town cinemas, you dont pay out the arse to go the movies. $20 gets you a ticket, large drink, large popcorn and choctop with change left over as an adult

  • For those that are wondering, yes, this movie does have cameos (streamers and Youtubers) – including Ninja, Jacksepticeye, Pokimane, LazarBeam and maybe more. I’m surprised they didn’t show one or two of them just to grab a certain demographic’s interest.

    • eh doesnt matter for me as i have no idea who who any of those people are aside from ninja and thats only because him appearing just suddendly appearing in so many articles out of seeming nowhere (when he was revealed to be twitches largest streamer)

  • I wonder how much influence Reynolds has over the films he appears in. Assuming this is as fun as it looks his last 3 big roles will have been films which could easily have been unwatchable garbage if they hadn’t nailed their respective tones.

    • He has a ton of influence, he’s produced a lot of his recent films as well as contributed to the writing and other behind the scenes work.

  • Definitely doesn’t look bad, yes some of the jokes in the trailer are old and tired, particularly any sort of ‘virginity’ joke. But it most likely will be fun, and that’s all you really want out of something like this.

    • Yeah i dont think this movie is aimed at gamers. At least not adult ones. I think this is more aimed at under 18 crowd.

      • On that note, I shared the trailer with my sister and now my two teen nephews want to go see it so theres that element. The ‘brought to you by the studio’ gag feels more aimed at people in their 30s that would have been around for the initial releases. It worked with getting a chuckle from me at least.

        • Yeah it seems like a School holidays movie mainly aimed at younger crowds while also being palatable for adults taking their kids to see it.

          • I actually like the effort they go through for that… makes it a proper “family movie” that everyone can watch and appreciate.. even if only for the sly giggles and innuendo only the adults “get” makes everyone happy

  • “Doesnt look like a good film”.?.. its a movie aimed for a holiday period release and comedy that looks fun. Doesnt need to be a pure artistic masterpiece just needs to cater to the target audience whilst throwing some cookies for the others who arent inclined.. and this trailer does it quite well

    • its the review curse. a 7 is dogshit, and 8 is barely average a 9 is good and 10 is the best there is, why arent you watching/playing/this right now.

  • When I started watching I thought it was another clever ad for Aviation Gin. When I realised it was for a real movie, I was all in. All hail Ryan Reynolds.

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