Namiwakiru got the last scribble from Vanna, which was Death Stranding. Bit hard to forget that giant, hulking figure in the sky.

Today's game comes from me, and its a bit pixelated because its from a pixelated era. Absolute classic, so I'm sure you'll have no difficulty nailing this one.

Good luck!


    Heroes of Might and Magic

    It looks like that classic game, Heroes & Magic. Ahh, such memories.
    Or it could be that cheap knock off, Heroes of Might and Magic 3. ^_-

    Pretty sure its one of the heroes of Might and Magic games.

    Pretty hard to confirm which one as Im pretty sure they all had similar movement patterns (Well the first three). So Its clearly the original ;)

    I'm going with Heroes of Might and Magic 3, the supposition being that you did it because that recent knockoff has reminded you of its existence.

      A+ on the game and the logic, minus points for thinking I'd ever forget HOMM 3, what a heathen thing to say

        I knew it was contentious wording, but I didn't know how to better phrase it.

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