Should I Replace My Damaged Nintendo Switch?

There is a hole on the top of my Nintendo Switch where the vent grill used to be. It’s been growing for the past year and a half and It is very concerning. A replacement console may be in order. What do you think?

I’m pretty sure the gaping hole is my fault. It started developing in February of 2018, shortly after I modified my console, replacing the original back cover with a translucent red number for Amazon.

The vent was intact when the modification was made. Shortly afterwards I noticed one of the grill’s four crossbars had snapped off. I did not drop the system. I hadn’t manhandled it in any way, to the best of my knowledge. The piece just cracked and then snapped off. Games ran fine, the system docked fine, there was just a hole.

Other people have had the vent crack. Some blame the heat fluctuations causing the plastic to expand and contract. Others warn that carrying the Switch in one’s (assumedly very large) pocket can cause this. If I had to guess, I’d say my problem stems from the combination of heat fluctuations and the pressure of the third-party cover I’d installed.

Either way, the slow deterioration has continued. Here is my Switch from June of this year.

And here it is now.

Note that I swapped back the system’s original back, which is now experiencing its own warping. Also notice that I lost a tiny screw.

Is it time to swap my launch Switch out for a new model? I mainly use this one docked, so the additional battery life of the newer models is not reason enough. My slowly deteriorating unit works fine, but every time I undock it I feel like I’m whittling away at its lifespan. Should I replace it, and save this one as an emergency backup? Maybe find a friend who is comfortable enough with electronics to swap the outer shell completely? Or do I play the waiting game and see how much of a Nintendo Switch can break off while still being able to play games? You know, for science.


    Couldn't you just replace the entire shell with a new one that has an intact vent? Or just send it off to Nintendo for repairs? Either option seems like it'd be much cheaper than just buying an entirely new Switch

      That wouldn't be enough content for making a new article though.

    Or just wait until they come up with an improved & updated replacement for the Switch.

    It still works right? So I would just leave it. You’ll know you need a replacement when it stops working ????

      But once it gives up the ghost, you can't transfer some of your stuff over.

    I do not think it is your fault, me and a couple of people from work have the exact same issue. The exact same break, so much so I thought I was looking at my broken switch in the thumbnail!

    You modified it thus voiding your warranty. So no!

    Well, there's definitely a quality control issue at play here, but it's not at Nintendo's end.

    What has everyone done about drifting analogues? My left has gotten pretty bad , it's out of warranty now so was thinking just get a third party pair of grips that r maybe bigger.

      Apparently Nintendo will repair/replace the joy-cons regardless of warranty, so try giving them a call/email and see where that gets you?

      Nintendo fixes this out of warranty as its a known fault.

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