Slot Machine Logo Sure Looks Familiar

This is the logo for an upcoming slot machine called Wheel of Fortune. I’m sure I’ve seen it before.


It’s not an exact copy, but there certainly are many close similarities.

As pointed out on Hachima, this is from Tokyo-based pachinko and slot machine maker Kita Denshi.

The logo was included in a recent trademark filing. The trademark covers slot machines and other amusement machines. Square Enix does not appear to be listed in the filing.


    I like Cwheel of Trigger! Very nice ring to it!

    I thought maybe it was EA's "Inner Circle" medal for upper management?

    Both of them are shit, and thankfully, not similar enough for a rent-seeking copyright claim. I expect that both of them have simply been caught using Microsoft WordArt.

      Respect where respect is due. Original Chrono Trigger is dope and the logo should be revered like Christians revere the cross!


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