Someone Spent 24 Hours In VR The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

YouTuber SwankyBox is a huge fan of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, the classic N64 RPG. As a kid he would play it for hours and hours and hours, exploring every inch of the world and also just chilling out and watching the sunset. So he recently decided to experience Ocarina Of Time in a brand new way, using VR. And he was going to do it for 24 hours straight, even sleeping and eating inside the VR world of Hyrule.

You might be a bit confused about Ocarina Of Time even running in VR. No, the original N64 release didn’t have a hidden VR mode. Instead, this version of the game was created by N64 modder and super fan Kaze Emanuar and allows anyone to run a modified version of the game from a VR perspective.

Playing a game built for the N64 in VR isn’t easy. For starters, you can’t really turn around and look behind you, because nothing is rendered behind Link. Another issue has to do with jumping, climbing and carrying things. The camera for this VR mod is basically stuck inside Link’s forehead, so objects and cliff edges can block your view or look farther away than they are. Aiming in VR is also tricky, making some fights much harder.

But even with all of these problems, SwankBox found the experience of running around Hyrule Fields in VR to be amazing. It reminded him of the first time he played the game, back when the world felt soooo big and endless.

Spending 24 hours in the digital world means having to find time to eat and sleep, eventually. Sleeping was really interesting, as SwankyBox had to find areas of the game that were quiet, where he could lay down in real life and get some sleep. He chose a tower in Kakariko Village and tried to sleep for a few hours. But wearing a headset and headphones isn’t the comfiest setup.

He ended his 24 hours on top of Death Mountain, after some fishing and horse riding. Up there he worked out in real life while standing on a digital mountain.

2019 is weird, y’all.

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