Star Citizen Has Raised $369 Million Over The Last 7 Years

$369 million ($US250 million) is the kind of figure that sounds fantastical for any video game that isn’t named Call of Duty, Destiny in the early days, or maybe Candy Crush. And it’s even more insane when you consider that $369 million is the amount that Star Citizen has raised from fans over the last seven years.

Funding for Chris Roberts’ space epic began seven years and nine months ago, which works out to be just north of $US2.88 million every month. The official funding page notes that the $US250 million milestone was passed thanks to one of the game’s best crowdfunding months ever, raising $14.2 million ($US9,651,780) over November, with more than $4.7 million ($US3.2 million) of that being raised in two days.

The $US250 million mark comes after the game surpassed $US200 million in 2018, although part of that included a $US46 million investment from the Snoot Entertainment private investment firm, which equated to about 10 percent of shares in the Cloud Imperium UK and United States companies.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”NSW Gamer Drives Star Citizen Funding Past $US200 Million” excerpt=”Star Citizen is already special for all sorts of reasons, and now we can add one more to the list: the game’s funding has surpassed $274.7 million ($US200 million), with one Aussie driving the game past the total.”]

The current deadline for the single-player component of Star Citizen, Squadron 42, is currently aiming for a Q4 2020 deadline. The other branch of Star Citizen, the multiplayer persistent universe, is aiming to hit version 4.0 by the second quarter of next year.

At the current rate, Star Citizen will probably raise another $US50 million or so. It’s easy to laugh about the amount of money, especially when no other game publisher would ever countenance spending this much on pure development. Activision spent a combined $US500 million on the first Destiny, but that money was shared across development and marketing.

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