Super Mario Maker 2 Is Getting A Master Sword Power-Up

Super Mario Maker 2 Is Getting A Master Sword Power-Up

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a free update this Thursday that adds a bunch of new enemies and blocks for players to build levels out of, including one that will transform Mario into Link.

When Mario becomes Link he’s able to use the character’s abilities, ranging from smacking enemies with his sword to the warrior’s iconic down-strike. He’ll also have access to his bow and arrow, bombs, and shield for blocking incoming projectiles. In the trailer Nintendo UK shared on Twitter, it basically looks like you’re playing a side-scrolling old-school Legend of Zelda game and gives level makers a whole new set of abilities to design ridiculous puzzles for.

The update will also add Spike, the green monster that spits out spike balls, Pokey, the cactus enemy that can also now fly, coins encased in ice blocks, P blocks, and dash blocks. 

Even more importantly, the game is getting a new mode called Ninji speedruns that will have courses that are actually created by Nintendo. Players will be able to compete for the best times and earn cosmetics for their Miis in the process. 


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