Rewatch PlayStation’s Final State Of Play For 2019 Here

Rewatch PlayStation’s Final State Of Play For 2019 Here

The Game Awards will have plenty of announcements later this week, but before they do, PlayStation will have a few of their own.

The final State of Play will kick off early December 11, for anyone who wants to stay up to watch. It’ll feature “over 20 minutes of new, game reveals and updates,” according to the video description.

For Australians, the broadcast will kick off on 0100 AEDT / midnight AEST/AQST / 0030 ACST / 2300 AWST, December 11. You can watch the whole thing through the usual channels, but the simplest and most trouble free is generally YouTube, which is embedded below. If Twitch and Facebook give you better results, you can find those here.

Amusingly, Sony wants everyone to know from the off: don’t ask about the PlayStation 5. “And it probably bears repeating: Don’t expect any updates related to our next-gen plans in this episode,” SIE’s Sid Shuman posted.

Imagine if there was a cheeky PS5 drop in there just to annoy everyone, though. God I can’t wait for USB-C controllers. What games would you like to hear updates from in the final State of Play? Personally, I’m down for more Ghost of Tsushima news.


    • Faster data transfer which is kinda not important unless say the controller was recording your input to transfer back to your console for a replay. But it will allow for fast charging, you could realize your controller is flat, watch an episode of something on a streaming service and your controller will be good to go for hours.

      • Or do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats right????

        Hahaha but thanks for the reply. Nice nick. Damn you kept me waiting!

        At my place me and my son have a controller each, if we’re SP it’s all good, we just plug in the flat one and keep going with the other. We always ask permission first though if the other’s around. It’s not just a controller, it’s a personal tool, nay, a weapon, imbued with our spirits 😀

  • Alex, why are contentious gaming related articles being posted from gizmodo now? HK vs Steam approvals, for example, and with no bias, is a relevant kotaku discussion… c’mon

    • Because it’s Steam, and we’re talking about games being released on that platform. That’s pretty obviously within Kotaku’s wheelhouse.

      • I think what voxpop means is Gizmodo articles don’t allow comments, so we can’t get into petty arguments in linked articles. Why won’t you let us argue, Alex?

  • Ghosts of Tsushima news would be good.
    I won’t be watching anymore Last of Us 2 trailers, I’m already keen to play it so there’s no need for me to see more of it.

    As for the PS5, they have quite a few games lined up between now and then so I kinda get why they might avoid it for now.
    Still, a trailer or teaser for something big could be massive.
    (Could you imagine a GoW teaser, kapow!!)

  • If it ends up being a current gen game, I wouldn’t be shocked for the WB Montreal Batman game to be announced, it feels like they have been teasing that for far too long.

  • I’m hoping we’ll get to see more of Ghost of Tsushima and possibly Resident Evil 3 Remake. Only 3 hours and 15 minutes to go.

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