What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is for finally fixing my endlessly running toilet, a process internet videos say is very easy but has thusfar involved me opening the toilet tank, staring in confusion, and then closing the tank again. The weekend is also for playing video games while I avoid this task.

I’m excited to check out Mosaic now that it’s on Steam. (Full disclosure: I hung out with some of the folks who made it when I went to Oslo last year, who very kindly did not mock my tourist-y obsession with going to the Fram Museum so I could climb around on Nansen’s boat.) I also badly need to play Disco Elysium, which I keep hearing is so good but which I haven’t yet made time for.

What about you? What are you playing?


  • Just got dumped Shadow of the Tomb Raider in Humble Choice this morning, so that’s now shaping up as a strong possibility.

    • Yeah not sure how I feel about this new model… I saw Tomb Raider and was like OH SNAP!

      Then was underwhelmed by the other 9 titles. I mean if this is there new model (one AAA and the rest indies) think I prefer the old model. Think they’d start with a bit more bang for your buck (and yes I’m aware the other games are supposed to be “good” before people jump down my throat).

      • The other games are indeed a little underwhelming, in that none of them had really registered in my consciousness before, however clicking through most of them seem fairly recent AA quality with decent reviews. About par for the course with Humble, and certainly significantly better than standard bundle dross. For the 11 odd US dollars I paid for it I feel like Humble remains a pretty good value proposition assuming you don’t mind dipping your toe into a very broad range of genres.

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