What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is for not being sick anymore, which means addressing the grungy animal den my apartment has turned into as I moped around being sick. It’s also for feeling well enough to sit up and play some video games.

The Long Dark got a new region this week, which I’m super excited to go die in. I also got the hankering last night to replay Steep, only to learn that you can’t restart the game (at least on PC) and I don’t remember how to play. I have already expounded on why every game should let you replay the tutorial, and yet, here we are. Have you found a way to restart the game? Please help me.

What about you? What are you playing?


    Mechwarrior 5.
    Single-player and co-op with friends. It has been a looooong time...

    Not being able to see the tutorial again seems painful. Doing a complete uninstall and wiping the directory should hopefully help with that.

    If I can squeeze much time in, some Life is Strange 2. Maybe some City of Titans since I somehow missed that the character creation stuff was already out and theres a Christmas mission. Probably some FNAF2 on the Switch if I don't get stuck into writing instead.

    Path of Exile, just started trying it, few clan mates have been playing it for ages so jumping into a guild with shared items and stuff is cool.

    Need to put some more time into rd2, may try online once i finish the story not sure.

    Also got madden 20 the other day, 1st time playing any nfl game, pretty fun

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