What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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The weekend is for running in the cold, which means debating for far too long about what to wear and then ending up being overdressed anyway. It’s also for playing video games.

After watching Netflix’s Witcher show, I’m really hankering to get back into Gwent. Risk of Rain 2 and Noita also recently got updates that I’m excited to check out.

What about you? What are you playing?


  • Now that WoW’s 8.3 patch has a release date ill be trying to get in contact with all our raiders to make sure their back by the new year (we took and extended break) so we can do some quick prep and count the numbers of raiders returning to see whats needed for recruiting to be ready for N’Zoth!

  • Brutal Doom! About half way through Doom 2. Before now the only Doom game I ever played was Doom 3 which was great of course but looking forward to playing Doom 2016 even more now, these games are intense even now.

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