What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Image: Steam

The weekend is for needing to go to my pharmacy in a different borough, but also needing to go on a long run, so...running to the pharmacy? The fun never stops, kids. The weekend is also for playing video games.

A friend of mine has just gotten into Red Dead Online, so I’d like to check it out with her. I’ve also fallen back into the endless grind of Fortnite challenges, so I’m looking forward to spending several matches hiding in a haystack hoping someone will walk by so I can shoot them to earn the XP to get more cosmetics I don’t want. I just can’t leave a to-do list undone.

What about you? What are you playing?


    Flying my Railjack in Warframe and finally trying out Star Wars Fallen Order.

    Family is using the consoles for their new games so I'll be playing WoW most likely. Working on getting flying in Broken Isles and BfA. (So, reputation grinding.) Maybe trying to get some achievements for older content done. Maybe toy/treasure hunting.

    I'm a bit over Fortnite. Since they changed the map Team Rumble hasn't been the same, somehow.

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