What Are Your Video Game Resolutions For 2020?

What Are Your Video Game Resolutions For 2020?

The year is ending and a new decade is upon us, which means a chance to reinvent ourselves and embark on new adventures. It also means more video games. As the new year approaches, we ask: what are your video game resolutions?

Resolutions are largely arbitrary, but there’s still fun in setting a goal. Head to the gym, find a new hobby, get your legal name changed, go skydiving. You might also try something a bit more digital: Beat your old Pac-Man high score, play through all the Final Fantasy games finally. When it comes to video games, there’s a lot of things to do, and the new year is a great chance to do them.

“I’m finally upgrading the storage on all my consoles because life’s too short to keep deleting and re-downloading The Witcher 3,” my coworker Ethan Gach told me. A modest resolution that will pay off in the long term.

“I really want to try to climb Timberwolf Mountain in The Long Dark,” Editor at Large Riley MacLeod said when asked. I don’t know how hard that is, but every game has their “mountain,” a challenge that you really want to buckle down and face.

I want to do both of these kinds of things. First, I want to clean up and organise my terrifying gaming shelf before its coils of possibly-sentient HDMI cables choke me to death. I might even bite the bullet and pack up some of the console I’m not using. Still, I’m in a competitive mood heading into 2020. I want to keep climbing the ranks in Hearthstone (hopefully to Legend) and, if time permits, I want to find folks to raid with in Final Fantasy XIV. At a minimum, I want to start clearing more “Extreme” fights on release. Grind up my gear, join groups of motivated people, and defeat bigger challenges.

What about you? What are your gaming resolutions in the new year? (Also, if you’re in the comments like “my resolution is 1080p” or whatever, my new resolution is to fight you.)


    • Yep similar story here, plus Yak Zero. Those and Cyberpunk should take me through to next gen, where I’m thinking of flipping back to Xbox (mainly for Flight Sim).

    • Witcher 3 is one of the few games I actually have completed (including the DLC) – which is why I have so many other games still to complete.

    • Cyberpunk 2077 should be a positive start. I think thats February.

      Outside of that, a bunch of the early Epic Store games will start to drop on Steam soon – Metro Exodus was 15 Feb 2019. Some will think of them as 2020 games, rightly or wrongly, so you might be able to cheat a little there if you were on the anti-Epic bandwagon. You’ll also have the hindsight of 12 months to know if they’re decent or not.

      Thats a personal judgement of course, and I suspect a few will argue my comment for one reason or another, but it will still be an excuse for some.

      • I personaly don’t mind the Epic store, just been getting games for free every month since they’ve gone to a store front. Cyberpunk 2077, have been waiting for it for a while, have played and finished all the Witcher games (and been connected to GoG) for years. I don’t play shooter games at all anymore (never really enjoyed them originally). Generally prefer turn-based/RPG’s something that takes about 60+ hours is good. I’ll advise if you ever have a medical condition get to treatment ASAP, because strokes cause all sorts of issues if you have one.

    • I put an exercise bike in front of the tv in our 2nd living area where my xbox is, spent many hours gaming while riding since becoming a dad 16 months ago!

    • That’s what I did when I got mine connected back in July. Still didn’t actually play any of it, but it was satisfying just being able to do it 😛

    • We have physically had our house connected to NBN… the rollout map shows our house in the ‘NBN is available’ colour zone… yet moved from a November 2019 ready date to June 2020…. what the hell?!? Says ‘there’s still some work to do…’

      As usual they have no way to contact them for an explanation.

  • Finally get my new monitor, I’ve been waiting to play dozens of big games from the last 4-5 years until I can have the best experience on an ultrawide. This is because I used to run Nvidia Surround, so I don’t want to downgrade the experience compared to that for games I consider important. I thought I would be able to not long after upgrading to a 1080Ti but life happened and I’ve never had the money, I couldn’t play a lot of those same games before that because I also won’t play on anything less than Ultra settings.

    • Man, that first time you are able to play games with everything on max and not have to worry about bottlenecks is the best feeling ever.

  • To play more games. The past few years all up I’ve played less than 10 games, in 2020 I’m aiming to play more than 10 before July.

  • To play more new games than old games is my main one. But then, if 2020 is another 2019 it’s going to be very hard to keep that resolution. The first half of the year is packed with great games I’m excited for though. But then, so was 2019…

    The other resolution is to not play games just because everyone hypes them up. I still haven’t learned that it’s the road to disappointment. (For me)

  • To not buy anymore games until i finish at least 2 in my pile of shame. I tried that in 2019 and it didn’t work, although i have found myself buying less games, just because they were on special.

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