What Did You Get For Christmas?

What Did You Get For Christmas?

Christmas is over and a few days have passed since then. So most folks have, by now, finished all the other Christmas days that happen during this season. You know, stuff like going to multiple families homes across the week or visiting divorced parents separately. So, what did you all get?

I don’t want a list of everything you actually got because that wouldn’t be very interesting. But instead share some of the coolest, nicest, biggest or dumbest gifts you got this year! Gaming related gifts preferred, but a cool gift is a cool gift.

Bonus points for funny stories and nice photos!

If you are curious about what I got for Christmas, I got some great stuff! On the video game front, I got a bunch of Game Pass months, which is always nice and a copy of Dragon Quest Builders 2.  I also had family buy my GF and I a brand new bed, so I now sleep better. And that is the best gift of all. (Actually, the best gift of all was a brand new 55-inch LED 4k TV. Red Dead Redemption 2 has never looked so good.)


  • My younger sister painted me a canvas of Baby Yoda (and my brother a canvas of Mudkip, his favourite Pokemon). It’s not like, crazy realistic or anything. But she put a lot of work into it and I love it. Currently hanging on my wall above my computer.

  • Books for me – Ancillary Mercy and The Three Body Problem.

    Plus an ugly shirt coz my parents want me to dress less like a shlubby bachelor. I appreciate the thought at least

  • A couple of FNAF pop vinyls, Happy Frog and Mr Hippo. A Chun-Li Tubbz rubber ducky, some kitchenware, and a couple of gift vouchers / cash deposits.

  • $70 in Steam vouchers, a cookbook, lots of sweets, Baileys and an IOU for good kitchen knives (so I can pick them myself).

  • Among other things, a Star Wars 20-Questions Holocron game. I love this thing. It’s the only other entity in the house that knows as much about SW as I do and I find myself thrilled when it wins (ie. correctly deduces oddly specific things like the model of Han’s blaster).

  • I was soo spoiled

    Ren & Stimpy and Aaaah real monsters full series
    Galaga mini arcade
    Weird retro games dance mat style thingo
    Star Wars and Jurassic Park shirts
    4 new lego kits for my city
    2 forza Horizon lego kits
    Medievil remake
    Marvel pens
    Brain teaser metal puzzle

    Oh and a little psvr bundle with Skyrim, resi 7, and astrobot
    Plus Doom VFR physical copy cos I’m a DOOM fanatic

    I may have got teary opening the psvr…

    That was all from my fiancé too…
    She’s the only one who gets me anything for Christmas so she goes all out

  • I just saw a photo of a santatron from FO76. I know if you are naughty you get a lump of coal but I wonder what the person did to find an irradiated coal miner stuffed in the chute.

    As for myself I bought myself some games with mixed reviews for Christmas

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