What's Your Favourite Game Of 2019?

2019 might not have had standouts like God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 that were head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, but hot damn there were a ton of really good games this year.

As we do every year, it's time for you to vote on your favourite game of 2019. We'll do the most disappointing game and a few special breakouts - being the end of a decade - as separate posts. This one is just for the games that stuck with you the most, the games you couldn't stop playing, the ones you remembered long after the credits rolled.

Apart from some high profile failures in Anthem and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, not to mention whatever the hell happened to WWE 2K20, it's been a consistently good year across the board. Strategy games had a strong 12 months with the Civilization 6 expansion, Islanders, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Wargroove, and even smaller indies like Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 did well.

There were the surprises: Apex Legends dropped out of nowhere, we finally realised what Death Stranding was all about, Disco Elysium took everyone totally by surprise, and Control was so, so good. And long awaited titles like Bloodstained, Shenmue 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Obisidan's The Outer Worlds - basically Obsidian getting to make a Fallout game again with the baggage - came out, and they were good.

It's been a good year. Question is: what was your favourite? Nominate below and I'll reveal the results around Christmas.

Oh, and one bonus thing. As part of the GOTY voices this year, I'm also looking to include some long-running readers among those voices. If you'd like to be interviewed and included in the 2019 wrap, get in touch!


    Fallen Order for me. It's been the best game I've played all year. Honorable mentions to Links Awakening and Tales of Vesperia remaster.

    I havent even got to most of the games I wanted to play this year. Control or RE2 are probably my top that I got to'.

    Outter worlds, Death Stranding, Bloodstained, gears 5, and fallen order are all games I've ever started or added to my backlog that I just havent gotten to yet.... behind Ni No Kuni, nioh, persona 5, nier Automata, new dawn, rage 2 and a bunch of indie games :(

    Its a tough one. I'd say the two standouts would be Three Houses and Fallen Order for me, with an honourable mention to Bloodstained.

    I've nominated Shenmue III specifically because I want to make sure someone does. While it has its flaws, it's SHENMUE III OMG WHAT.

    That said, I think my actual GOTY is probably going to be either Death Stranding or Sayonara Wild Hearts. I haven't really decided which yet.

      I sure hope SOMEONE at least nominates Death Stranding, though... or it's gonna be like when Martin beat Bart for class president.

        From all the gameplay I've seen of Death Stranding, I know that I would love it if I played it, but I also know I don't have the time I'd like to properly explore a game like that. If it does get game of the year, I can see why and would not be surprised.

    I'd probably say Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, followed closely by the Resident Evil 2 remake.

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I'd give it to Fallen Order, but that's more by default. It's a great game, but I don't know if it stacks up to games from the previous year. I honestly think 2019 has been a bit shit for games (at least for my taste in games - maybe I'm just getting old).

    A lot of the 2019 games I played this year ended up not really working for me, in particular Control and Outer Wilds, games I loved the idea of, that in practice ended up grating. The games I played this year that I loved were all from previous years - I really enjoyed Persona 5, I finally polished off Hollow Knight.

    I think my actual pick is going to end up being Hypnospace Outlaw?

      Oh wow, Hypnospace was such an awesome game. It gave me such a nostalgia blast that it nearly sent me into a depression spiral. I thought that was a last year thing, it seemed so long ago.

    Fire Emblem - Three Houses.

    It is the first FE I have ever played and I was utterly engrossed. The Switch is my first Nintendo console aside from the original Gameboy and I am now in love with the tiny machine.

    My biggest disappointments have been The Outer Worlds and Fallen Order.

    Death Stranding. An absolutely amazing experience that I didn't want to end.

    Resident Evil 2, knew what it was there to do, didn't fuck around, didn't waste my time, and executed.

    In a world of GaaS, it was awfully refreshing

    I think the only 2019 games I've actually played are PES 2020 and Modern Warfare. So I'll nominate PES 2020 because it's great. I just bought RE2 but haven't played it yet.

    Otherwise, the highlights of my year were Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider Man and Yakuza Kiwami, none of which actually came out this year.

    I'd have to say Days Gone for me. Really enjoyed that game so much whilst waiting for Last of Us 2.

    It was a tough call between Devil May Cry V and Sekiro but Devil May Cry V was very much the Devil May Cry game I wanted it to be while Sekiro wasn't quite the Tenchu game I wanted it to be.

    Overall this year has mostly been about playing games that didn't come out this year. I have a number of them on my backlog but apart from a few games, most releases this year haven't really made me feel like they were worth playing straight away or more than other games I already own. Next year is shaping up to be full of exciting releases though.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

    Never been into COD before. Play it every day.

    Also loved Metro Exodus. What a ride!

    Borderlands 3 for me. I've loved the previous entries into the series (The Pre-Sequel was ok) and 3 plays like you'd expect from a Borderlands game with some nice additional mechanics and plenty of loot.

    There's been some ripper PSVR games too such as Everybody's Golf and Blood and Truth.

    I really want to play Death Stranding, but with the time I'm putting into BL3 and the time I WANT to put into No Man's Sky and all the PS+ games in my backlog, I'll probably miss out.

    Probably gotta be Sekiro, very very closely followed by Slay the Spire

      Thank you! I've been trying to think of 2019 games that I'd consider top tier, I can't believe I almost forgot Slay the Spire.

        It's my new go to game...i play it endlessly. And yet...I'm still so, so bad at it!

    It has to be Control. The combat, the world building (and inter-linking to their other games), the atmosphere, the fridge, the story... all amazing.

    Honorable mentions to Death Stranding (as an interactive story and an overall experience, it's a masterpiece, but its gameplay is not as engaging as I would have liked), Fallen Order (the best Star Wars game we've had in a decade or more, but sadly a merely good action game), Sekiro (the best-feeling sword combat I've ever seen in a game), and RE2 (a solid game with none of the modern social/always-online bullshit companies seem to think is required these days, which was a welcome change).

    Personal top 5 is (in order)
    Gears 5
    Fallen Order
    Resident Evil 2
    Modern Warfare
    Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

    I will never stop Stanning Outer Wilds. That game fricken blew my mind. There's very few games that give me that feeling of "this is special" as I play, and Outer Wilds is one of them.

      Outer Wilds is my number one "I want to play that" game. Everything I've heard about it makes it sound like it fully deserves to be a GOTY contender.

        For real, Outer Wilds is a top 3 of all time for me, and I've already played way too many games in my life lol

    Slay the Spire.

    Play it near daily, almost twelve months after release. gg

    I'm going to say RDR2 - PC which I think is head and shoulders above my favourite game last year - RDR2 - PS4.

    Disco Elysium was always going to my favourite of the year. It might be my favourite of all time. I love a dense, wordy RPG and this one is the most worthy successor to Planescape Torment we've ever had.

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