What’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of 2019?

What’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of 2019?

Just as we all have a favourite game of 2019, there must be the opposite.

There’s going to be some obvious candidates this year, the same way Fallout 76 immediately vaulted to the top of last year’s poll. So much has been written about Anthem than even EA can’t stop JB from flogging the game off for embarrassingly low prices.

Most of 2019 has been in that “relatively decent” range, and even the live service games have largely held their own. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint went in completely the opposite direction, forcing the rare mea culpa from a video game industry CEO. Days Gone had support in some quarters, and absolutely none in others, and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and Wolfenstein: Youngblood were panned across the board.

Somehow, WWE 2K20 managed to be worse than last year’s iteration, although Ribbie was a sweet highlight, while Square Enix’s Left Alive was a straight out letdown.

Edit: Some of the bonus replies, just to tease:

  • “kingdom hearts 3, was that this year?”
  • MX vs ATV All Out
  • “Star ocean first departure r – because no physical release”
  • “Kingdom Ass 3”
  • Star Wars Rise of The Skywalker (Not a game but wow what a train wreak!)

What’s been your most disappointing game of the year? Get those votes in!

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  • …Fallout 76 immediately vaulted…I see what you did there.

    For me it’s Death Stranding. I know the trailers were pretty upfront about what it was going to be but I still can’t help but feel it could have been, to (mis?)quote Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter, much more… muchier.

  • The Outer Worlds – (about the only game I’ve bought in the last 12 months due to most games simply being over priced and with massive DLC (season pass + more) to actually get a decent game) – while it does have a desent story, once more Obsidion makes a game that doesn’t feel actually completed when you finish the game, they basically put in a final boss (which doesn’t work the way the rest of the game does), and then read you a book based on what you’ve done during the game. Where is the actualy end story???

    • I ruined my ending without realising lol. So my game didn’t feel completed in the slightest and I couldn’t be effed going back and replaying the dialogue to get the longer ending. All in all I enjoyed what I got out of the game, but I agree with your comment.

    • When I got to the end, the game had the bug when you walk in on the dude doing the live tv thing and it would crash. Only way to get past it (at the time) was to run past him and shoot him to skip the cutscene that was causing the crash. So that ruined my ending. But agree with everything else you said… it feels like there is a good game underneath it all but what we got is just shallow and feels incomplete.

    • It’s definitely not the most disappointing game of the year, I enjoyed so much of it. I do agree the ending and really just the overall length of the game wasn’t enough. I was shocked when it suddenly ended and I had absolutely nothing left to do.

    • Yeah, definitely a very disappointing entry into 2019. Especially when everyone appeared to be SUPER hyped about it for the first week. But it’s too short, too shallow, its sense of parody is so exaggerated that it’s a cartoonish farce rather than an unflattering mirror. There’s nothing real or relatable about the overblown caricatures it presents. Which reminds me that its visual design was off-puttingly over-saturated no matter how I played with settings. Definitely not the second coming of Obsidian; it can’t hold a candle to New Vegas, or even the original Fallouts.

      Not as disappointing as Anthem to me, so it doesn’t win my gong, but it was definitely disappointing. Probably the best thing I can say about it is that it convinced me to try out the xbox gamepass beta on Windows, which led me into playing much more enjoyable games.

    • Sorry, but anyone who was so strongly disappointed by The Outer Worlds bought into their own self-made hype (or those of other stupid people) who convinced themselves that “It’s Fallout in Space”!

      No. It’s not. Yes, there were definite influences from Fallout, but it was it’s own game. The gameplay ending felt a bit rushed, but it at least was consistent with its setting and gave some level of denouement based on your choices.

      It wasn’t a 300-hours-to-do-everything Bethesda dross-fest, and it was STRONGER for that. The only crew member I didn’t really care about was SAM – everyone else got a decent outing across the galaxy and I actually gave a damn about their opinion. The last game to do that was… well… I think it might have been Mass Effect 2…

  • For me it was Anthem. Growing up Bioware has always been that standard of excellence: BG1/2, NWN, Jade Empire, KOTOR, DA1-3, ME Trilogy. But this confirmed for me that Andromeda wasn’t an anomaly and Bioware’s best days are behind them.

    Anyone with half a brain could tell FO76 was going to be trash.

    • I was expecting a lot more from Anthem than what we got.
      Maybe not on launch, but I was expecting the post-launch support to scramble and put together something even more impressive, rather than scrambling to try and fail to meet deadlines and promises and just generally phone in some bullshit point-scoring leaderboard-driven time-trial fuckery that turns me off the whole thing.

  • For me it’s The Division 2 (didn’t play Fallout or Anthem) simply because the world just feels to have suffered moving to the sequel. New York in winter was fantastic and unique while Washington DC feels so generic.

    • Div2 brought quite a few QoL improvements to the franchise, but I reckon you’re right – the vibe of snowy, wintery post-Christmas New York was so much more satisfying to me than… the D.C. swamp.

      • I had a lot of bugs that really put me off playing the rest. Other than that, there just wasn’t a real hook to keep me interested this time, it did feel like more of the same instead of trying something different. Which obviously isn’t always going to work with sequels, but I do agree, the setting didn’t help.

  • Pokemon sword/shield for me… Don’t really care about the dex thing, i’ve just wanted them to shake the formula up for so (SO) long, & having seen what botw & odyssey did on Switch for their franchises I was hopeful but alas…

    Fact it sold so well suggests they’re unlikely to do much differently – would you (take a risk) when you’ve got a golden poke-goose like that?

    • Does this mean you didn’t like it? Or just that you wish it was more? Because I definitely agree that a real shake up would be nice to see (not like that fake shake up in SuMo with the Island Gyms *ahem* I mean Island Challenges), but otherwise SwSh are tied with XY as my second favourite Pokemon game.

      Hopefully you still found some fun with it!

      • I still liked it & i’d find it impossible to say they’re bad games – the whole concept of catching/training my team is as compelling as ever, it just feels that the game(s) as a whole are ‘diminishing returns’ & badly need some sort of freshening up…

        The wild area is a definite step in the right direction but it still felt “too safe” overall – but then can i blame them with how quickly people can overreact?

        So yeah, good games for sure, but my most disappointing for this year as I live the series & hoped that they’d be the series revolutions that both BotW & (to a lesser extent) Odyssey were/are…?

    • There’s something interesting about people saying that Sword and Shield didn’t shake up the formula enough, because… well. Pokemon’s formula DID get shaken up… last generation.

      Sun and Moon had a totally different setup, being set in a region that didn’t even have Gyms, where the local ‘legit antagonists’ were an evil corporation rather than a weird gang (the gang was there, but they were mostly friendly nuisances), and where a lot of the smaller-scale legendaries were pertinent postgame dangers with stories around them.

      And it didn’t hit. None of it worked as well as you’d think (obviously, because you didn’t remember it), I think in large part because they gave it all the same ‘flavor’ as usual. It was different by empirical standards, but it didn’t feel it. Sword and Shield are standouts in comparison, I would say, because while they did go back to that same formula, they decided to give that formula a really fun coat of paint.

  • Anthem….

    As im getting older / busy with life, I dont have the time to play as many games as id like so when I heard of Anthem, the vision and the team working behind it I (mistakenly) got excited and bought the game only to receive a wet, dripping paper bag full of dog crap which only managed to achieve a more defiant level of cynicism deep within.

  • Destiny 2, simply because they claim they went free to play, when its just an extended advertisement for its unreal monetization. I’ve heard all the defences, bungie will be awesome without Activision.. Then why not make the entire game free to play? They need to fund their updates.. After a half billion dollar contract fully paid out in 5 years?! You don’t have to buy anything to play. No, but you hit a wall so fucking quick that unless you pay for every dlc you literally miss more than half the game, including exotics. The fact everyone makes excuses for this shit is THE reason why Anthem, Fallout 76, and so many others exist. Because devs don’t give a fuck about ratings, they only care about sales. And you idiots keep walking in dumb as dog shit, hit me baby one more time, and wonder why you’re being abused. They bank on your stupidity, and they’re winning every single time.

  • I think the only 2019 games that I actually bought this year were PES 2020, Modern Warfare and Resident Evil 2. I enjoyed them all, so I don’t think I really have a disappointing game to nominate this year.

  • Life is Strange 2. I’m counting it as this year since its finally finished. It had a lot to live up to for me, and it didn’t make it. The writing alternated between decent and on-the-nose, along with the characters being all over the place. The ending was satisfying though, and David, Chloe, Max and Victoria’s cameos were wonderful.

    I’ll still pick up their next game, which sounds like it’ll be gaslighting hijinx between a girl and her transgender sibling as to which of them accurately remembers various events through their lives.

  • Modern Warfare. Sure, the campaign was good, but, for me, the game has always been about multiplayer – and this year’s multiplayer experience has been underwhelming. I play COD quite regularly with friends, and up until now we haven’t had the issues we’ve experienced with this game; inability to find lobbies, when we do manage to find lobbies it’s a struggle for the lower KD guys on our team who get frustrated and quit.

    The matchmaking system is easy to exploit when playing solo if you just tank a few games (reverse boost) and then you get into lobbies against vegetables.

    It makes me think they’ve built this whole thing on purpose as a way to keep players playing, like, “oh, so you’re having a tough time and you’ve lost a few rounds in a row quite badly – here, play against some very low skilled players for a game and stick around.”

    Then, when you do have a good round, because the lobbies are constantly broken up, you can’t tell if it was because you legitimately improved or played well, or if the game just happened to feel bad for you and threw you into some easy lobby.

    The whole thing reminds me of a casino that does it’s best to keep people seated and playing.

  • I didn’t play anything this year that I found disappointing per se but I’m going to call out the shoddy Switch port of Pillars of Eternity as the biggest disappointment. I was looking forward to it but it’s still not playable months after release.

  • I had no expectations for Anthem – BioWare doing a loot-shooter just screamed ‘misfire’ to me. The game I was most let down by this year, though, was Control. Good it looked so good, but all the boring environments, the kind of rubbish combat, and the sense that its supernatural setting was spread too thinly… it was the first game I took a day off work for, and I haven’t played it since.

  • SEGA and Sumo Digital’s Sonic Team Racing has to be the worst ever Nintendo Switch game for 2019 as well as Pokemon Sword and Shield because Game Freak are still using the original Pokemon’s from either Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu Pokemon Let’s go Eevee or Niantic Labs Pokemon Go which is the worst ever app to download because it’s going to use up all of your data if you’re out and about and Mario Kart Tour also the worst ever app that requires in-app purchases and Doug Bowser introducing the Nintendo Labo VR Kit which is absolute rubbish holding the VR headset up to your face instead of using a headstrap gives me absolute nightmares I think after Christmas Nintendo should bring us a real life VR headset one that requires a headstrap.
    Because the Nintendo Labo VR Kit as I said is the worst ever kit to be introduced by Doug Bowser since Reggie-Fils-Aime retired as Nintendo of America president.

  • I didn’t think I’d bought any games this year, due to the fact that I’ve just been going over old mouse + keyboard PC games after my PS4 controllers went kaput, but it seems that I ended up buying Far Cry New Dawn, because it was on special. I don’t know about ‘disappointing’, because I expected it to be silly and short, and it was.

    High points: Hurk saying he nicked his taint. Friendly piggie.
    Low points: The annoying antagonists. Magic armour. The colour pink.

    • It was ridiculously short. I completed everything including side missions in 2 days.
      Enjoyed it but felt very bare bones.
      I realise it was a stop gap game like primal. Primal felt over long to me.

  • I love FROM games but I haven’t been able to get into Sekiro. Removing all the RPG elements really disappointed me.
    I will play it through but I had more fun with Nioh this year.

  • +1 for Anthem. While I do enjoy the flying, story and interactions between the characters, the menial running around the hub and the repetitive, lackluster combat really brings it all down. I was so keen for that game.
    2nd was Fallout 76. Yeah yeah yeah, I don’t know what I was expecting. But I got the CE and that was just the knuckleduster on a sucker punch. Returned it the following day.

  • Astral Chain. For all the great reviews I found the world and story incredibly generic. Combat was good but every time I got sucked into the red abyss it just felt like redoing sewer levels in other games. Music and art design was nice though.
    Loved Sekiro, Death Stranding and DMC5. That’s all I had time to play thanks to newborn life again.

  • Borderlands 3 was the most disappointing game for me. I still enjoyed it, but it didn’t reach the same heights that Borderlands 2 did. I’m not someone who particularly liked Handsome Jack, but the villains we got in BL3 were so much worse than Handsome Jack – not to mention the story being rather route and uninteresting as a whole. Fun to play, but much of the writing seemed inferior to BL2 – And the writing in BL2 wasn’t exactly top-notch either. Notice how almost no one is talking about it a few months after, and notice how it didn’t make the top 10 list of many sites or individual gamers.

    I’m not going to say that Anthem disappointed me, because I had the most mediocre of expectations before playing it, and I feel that it matched those extremely mediocre expectations expertly.

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