Woman Arrested For Allegedly Making Death Threats To Anime Retailer

Screenshot: Animate

Animate is a large retailer of anime, manga, and video games with well over a hundred stores in Japan. A woman has been arrested for allegedly sending threatening emails, including one in which “kill” (殺す or korosu) was apparently written 3,852 times.

Over a several week span in August, she allegedly sent threatening emails that read things like, “Instead of Kyoto Animation, it would’ve been better if you all had been massacred” and “Get ready to die at any moment.”

According to Yomiuri Shimbun, the 34-year-old woman reportedly cancelled purchases in Animate’s online shop, and in September 2018, she was suspended from the site. 

This is just one of several cases this year in which threatens mentioned the Kyoto Animation tragedy. 


    Yeah there has been several cases and each one saw an arrest so these people clearly have some pretty serious issues.

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