You’ll Be Able To Play DOOM WADs On Consoles Soon

You’ll Be Able To Play DOOM WADs On Consoles Soon
Image: Bethesda

To celebrate DOOM‘s 26th anniversary, Bethesda are giving the old games things fans have been asking for: 60fps support, some of the classic expansions, and most importantly, a curated selection of fan-made WADs including John Romero’s SIGIL.

In an 83-minute Twitch video, Bethesda took a look at some of the updates and releases in the works. The surprise announcement, though, was introducing community-created WADs to the classic DOOM ports.

A new option on the in-game menu will allow players to browse through a curated selection of community WADs such as John Romero’s SIGIL, TNT Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment. These add-ons offer players a number of new single-player and death match levels at no additional cost.

Image: Twitch/Bethesda

The update will also come with aspect ration options, and a locked 60fps option (instead of the original 35fps the ports run at), as well as the No Rest for the Living and Final DOOM expansions. While the update is promised to be coming soon, no firm release dates were given.

The Switch ports of classic DOOM faced a wretched start after players realised you were required to sign in to despite the game not having an online component. After the initial furore, Bethesda patched the game to make the sign in optional.

Bethesda Promises To Fix Classic DOOM After Enraging The Internet

Bethesda released the first three Doom games to Nintendo Switch consoles but everyone soon realised it was impossible to play them unless you first made an account at despite the game having no online component. Naturally, internet rage ensued.

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    • I remember playing it via IPX protocol on the LAN. It made it difficult for anyone else to do anything on the network because it was so inefficient: since it was all peer to peer with no broadcasts, a four player game ended up using six times the bandwidth of a two player game.

      The other interesting feature was networked multi-monitor support: run the game on three computers, and have the other two give left and right views for the main one.

  • Just started playing Brutal Doom today! It’s great, starting with Doom 1 then Doom 2 neither of which I have ever played, I started my Doom journey with Doom 3 on the OG Xbox.

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