A Better Look At The New Ghost In The Shell 3D Anime

Screenshot: Netflix Asia

Last fall, when the teaser for the full-3D animation Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 was released, there was a range of reactions. Some were totally put off, while others thought it looked ok. Now, thanks to the latest trailer, we can get a better look at the anime. And you know what? Maybe it looks ok!

Now, I don’t think it looks great. The original art from the first animated movies and TV shows were so damn good, you end up making the comparison.

Screenshot: Netflix Asia

This is a pretty good Batou—but it does have kiddy, 3D-digital cartoon look. So does a lot of the other moments in the trailer.

Screenshot: Netflix Asia

Though, the animation with the Tachikoma is buttery smooth.

Gif: Netflix Asia

And then there’s this sequence.

I’m much more optimistic about this show! Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 will begin streaming this April. 


    I am less optimistic about this show! after seeing that.
    It felt off, hope its just how they cut the trailer... maybe its the 3D backgrounds or how they framing the action with too many close ups and cuts, which can be an issue with 3D anime production afraid to do wide or continuous action shots.

    But seriously why would a Section 9 operative with the level of experience Ishikawa and cybernetic hardware be aiming at a suspects toes with a full auto P90. Only to show off the bad guy has "dancing" skills... sorry but thats some Shonen/Isekai level of showing off, and section 9 usually doesn't hold back like that... just don't hit the brain case.


    Seriously though, I can tolerate it more than the 3D-trying-to-be-2D style (see: Beserk 2016), but nothing compares to traditional animation. The smooth nature of motion of CGI (even when they try reduce it, see: The Dragon Prince) always gives it away and breaks the immersion for me.

      Even in Pixar and Dreamworks productions?
      3d animation can be done well, I just haven't seen Japan do it to that level yet. But they can only get better with practice, right?

        Nah, I dig Pixar and Dreamworks. It’s a weirdly specific subjective thing for anime style IPs for me. My distaste is mostly for the “3D trying to look 2D” style. Not saying Japan shouldn’t have a market for good CGI movies, but it’s not what I want from Japanese animation, especially franchises I have previously loved as transitional animation. Purely subjective.

    This looks like a vast improvement over that first trailer. I don't hate it now like I did then. I worry a little that the show will be too action-focused and miss the actual important GitS stuff that makes the manga, films and previous TV series so good.

    Also, this is 100% what they originally wanted Standalone Complex to look like. It just wasn't possible with the technology of the time on the budget that show had.

    Sorry, it still looks like rubbish.

    Pffft. She doesn't even remotely look like Scarlett Johansson.

    Heard similar pessimism to the above about a certain Witcher trailer not long ago as well, and see how that turned out!

    I'll leave my judgements to when it comes out, but I'm optimistic. The only thing I don't like with some of these 3D animations is the unnatural movement *coughclonewars* of the characters. Can't really tell much from the trailer though.

      The 3D animation lacks the charm of the originals but hopefully the story will make up for it.

    Reminds me of the Timesplitters characters.

    I do get peoples 2d>3d for animation opinions here and don't disagree. But i also think this actually looks alright. All the assets seem nicely quality if perhaps too soft, i just wonder how smooth it will all look when its not jump cut trailer action.
    i'll call myself intrigued and less worried than i was from the earlier peek we'd seen.

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