A Lot Of Work Went Into Making This Useless Minecraft Level

A Lot Of Work Went Into Making This Useless Minecraft Level
The useless box in action. (Gif: mrHugster, <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/embqnm/i_made_a_useless_box_using_a_12x_piston_extender/">Reddit</a>)

Building something big, exciting and cool in Minecraft is hard work. You have to spend hours or days building large structures, working with others, planning ahead, etc. But it turns out it takes a lot of work to also make something really worthless and silly in Minecraft. Like a small room that only has one useless function.

Over on the Minecraft subreddit, a player shared a video of their self described “useless box”. The inside of the box features a small sign and a single lever. Hit this lever and a blue box pops out of the ceiling. The box is then pushed towards the lever and eventually breaks it. Then the box retreats from the room and vanishes. That’s it. That’s all it does.

From inside the box, the whole thing looks rather simple. A box falls it moves up and then it moves back. That’s it. But outside the box, things get much more impressive and complicated.

ImageReddit” loading=”lazy” > Gif: mrHugster, Reddit

To get this useless box to work, Reddit user mrHugster had to create a large contraption outside the box which used pistons, sticky blocks, Redstone torches, repeaters and more. Watching it in action is oddly satisfying.

“This is not only useless, but also very complicated,” commented one Reddit user. And I have to agree. It is one thing to make something useless, that’s easy. But to put hours of work into creating something so pointless and silly is just great.

Less terrible things in 2020 and more useless and complicated things that hurt nobody and just make me laugh.


  • I remember building a box way back in electronics class that you flicked a switch and a compartment would open and and a little robot finger would push the switch back then hide away. The fact someone made this charmingly useless gimmick using Redstone (with all of its clunkiness and odd quirks) really, really brightened what has been a rather shithouse day. If the link takes me to a “How to build this thing” guide, I know what I’ll be doing after dinner! Thanks for putting this post up guys!

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