Adult Video Star Does A Very Good Nier: Automata Cosplay

Photo: Kana Momonogi

Kana Momonogi has uploaded several images of her 2B from NieR: Automata cosplay. The images have gone viral online in Japan and appear to be work safe. Well that’s good, I reckon!

Besides appearing in adult films, Momonogi is a singer in the idol group the Ebisu Muscats, which is largely made up of porn stars and bikini models. 

Considering how explicit 2B cosplays can get, the restraint here is admirable.

The full set is on Instagram. The cosplay and the photos are quite good, staying faithful to the spirit of the character:


    These are indeed good.
    And while i agree its nice to see some 'restraint' in a 2B photo shoot, i also can't help but hope she uses this costume in some of her future 'content' :P

    Not clear why the lead is 'Adult Video Star', other than for the hint of titlation. Nice cosplay though.

      I'm not clear what you're not clear about. Something so revoltingly sub-human will of course be the defining trait of a person. Though of course it could also have been her status as member of an idol group.

        Sexy woman bad, Woman must cover head to toe.

          The strumpet doth show her ankles, cast stones at her!!

            I mean it's kinda ironic, here we have a dude who regularly rags on conservatives yet here they are acting very conservative.

              @ody regularly rags on everybody. He's very equal opportunity that way.

        Sex and porn are sub human? I hear the 1910's are sending you a telegram, they want their archaic views on sex back.

          Have you seen the porn from World War 1?

          Our great grandparents were filthy.

        Look ma, it's one of them angry self hating incels the newspapers told us about!

        Last edited 18/01/20 6:04 pm

        "Everyone disliked that"

          It's quite extraordinary to see any one single post with 21 downvotes and not one upvote to date. Kotaku really is one big happy family.

      ...That other comment aside.

      Her primary source of fame seems to be that she performs in adult videos. Happy to clear that up for you!

        And as an added bonus the idol group shes a member of are all JAV actresses :D

    well she can at least thank the article for increasing her search results on pornhub

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