BBC Interviews Watch Dogs: Legion Director Inside Watch Dogs: Legion

BBC Interviews Watch Dogs: Legion Director Inside Watch Dogs: Legion

Most pre-release interviews are pretty standard, particularly those airing on mainstream media. But the BBC’s technology show, Click, has found a way to make the standard interview kind of cool – by conducting the interview inside Watch Dogs: Legion.

To conduct the interview in-game, BBC’s Marc Cieslak got suited up in a full motion-capture rig. The standard process for getting Cieslak into Watch Dogs Legion meant he had to be photographed from every angle, have a bunch of dots applied to his face so his facial movements can be tracked.

From there, Ubisoft were then able to have Cieslak and creative director Clint Hocking could then walk around a real-life set, and the whole lot could be recreated in-game.

The interview itself is actually light, but that’s par for the course. Developers often don’t want to spoil the story, and don’t go into the nitty gritty about prototypes or things that went wrong over the course of development when they’re only months away from shipping. Still, having the interview take place from inside the video game is a neat take on a new idea. Only something only a publisher and studio with a full motion-capture rig could afford the time and money to do, not to mention the flights out to the studio in the first place, but it’s cool nonetheless.


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