Breath Of The Wild Player Beats Lynel With Devil May Cry Hijinks

Breath Of The Wild Player Beats Lynel With Devil May Cry Hijinks
Gif: Peco, <a href="">Twitter</a>

Japanese YouTuber Peco has mastered the art of making The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild boss fights look like highly choreographed action movie scenes, and it’s super satisfying to watch.

Peco recently shared a clip of themselves taking on a Golden Lynel. The video has already been watched millions of times, no doubt in part because things happen so fast that repeated viewing are probably necessary to catch everything that’s going on. I’ve played plenty of Breath of the Wild, but I’ve never played it anything like the way Peco does.

During the roughly two minute clip, they don’t just fight a Golden Lynel, one of the toughest enemies in the game—they dance circles around it, unleashing barrages of sword swings and arrows between back flips, front flips, and even occasionally parkouring off bomb blasts to get on the creature’s back. If you’re wondering why they have so many hearts and stamina, it’s thanks to the apparatus storage glitch, which allows players to hoard more of them than the game normally allows.

Breath of the Wild’s combat can be slow and awkward at times, but Peco makes it look like something that would be right at home in a Devil May Cry or Bayonetta game. The game doesn’t have a combo metre, but if it did Peco would probably break it. They’ve even mastered the game’s menu system: pausing the game, flipping through menus, and swapping out items as needed as if that too was a unique and artful part of the fighting style they’ve developed.

The YouTuber has a number of other Breath of the Wild videos, including ones where they take on Lynels naked, in first-person view, or using an SNES controller. One of the great things about the above clip is you actually get to see how fast and frantically their fingers move across the Switch Pro controller.

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