Welcome To The World Of Bendable PCs

Welcome To The World Of Bendable PCs

We’ve already got foldable phones and OLED TVs that roll up like a rug into your soundbar. So naturally, someone figured we need to have PCs that bend, too. Meet the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold.

Built with a flexible 13.3-inch OLED display, the X1 Fold made an appearance at CES this year. There’s not a lot of details about the specs as of yet, although it’ll be available globally from mid-2020, with Lenovo promising to sell a SKU shipping with Windows 10X “at a later date for an enhanced foldable user experience”.

The whole device weighs around a kilo. It’s also bringing back a classic from the CRT era, with the display using a 4:3 aspect ratio, similar to the squarer screens of the Huawei Matebooks and Microsoft’s Surface devices. It’ll be powered by the latest gen Intel CPUs, although what chip specifically isn’t known at this stage. PC World are reporting that the chip is called an “Intel Core Processor with Intel Hybrid Technology,” which is the same chip being used by Microsoft for the Surface Neo, and the chip Intel has used in the past for demoing dual-display devices, like what was shown off at Computex last year.

When closed, the X1 Fold will automatically charge the included Bluetooth keyboard that connects magnetically. A X1 Fold Stand will be released after the laptop’s launch, allowing users to connect second display and discrete mouse and keyboard, similar to the docks available for Lenovo’s laptops now.

The X1 Fold will sell for $US2499 internationally, with Australian pricing and availability to be confirmed.


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