Code Turns Super Monkey Ball PC Into Super Monkey Cube

Code Turns Super Monkey Ball PC Into Super Monkey Cube

Rolling a monkey in a ball through a series of twisting maze-like courses is a challenge, sure, but what about a monkey trapped in a cube? How about a pyramid, or a spikey star? All three alternative monkey enclosures are available now in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD on Steam, unlocked via the super-secret codes “cube”, “triangle”, and “Star”.

The official Monkey Ball Twitter account has been teasing alternate shapes since December 2, tweeting a video of hero monkey AiAi tumbling about in a box. Now Super Monkey Cube, Super Monkey Pyramid, and Super Monkey Star are playable in the Steam version of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD. All players have to do to access the alternate shapes is type in the corresponding code at character select.

I’ve fiddled around with all three shapes, and so far I like the spike-covered star the best. It plays like an incredibly janky sphere, and it makes me feel like the monkeys could do some real damage while inside. If Sega wants to make a Super Monkey Murder Ball spin-off, I’m down.


  • Reminiscent of Golf With Your Friends, where you can play as various janky shapes that don’t work quite as well as a sphere.

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