CoolerMaster Changed Their Thermal Paste Because Parents Kept Thinking Their Kids Were On Drugs

CoolerMaster Changed Their Thermal Paste Because Parents Kept Thinking Their Kids Were On Drugs
Image: CoolerMaster

Thermal paste isn’t usually the kind of stuff you’d confuse with narcotics or drugs in general. But one manufacturer received so many complaints about the association that it forced them to redesign one of their products.

CoolerMaster has been in the PC hardware and components business for almost 30 years now, and while most casual gamers would know CoolerMaster for their affordable peripherals, the company’s stock in trade has been around cases, power supplies, coolers for CPUs, and so on.

So naturally, CoolerMaster makes their own thermal paste. Thermal paste is the grey gooey stuff that gets applied to the top of CPU before applying air or water cooling, improving the conductivity of heat from the CPU to the cooler and keeping your system temperatures at the right levels.

The only problem is that, like most companies, CoolerMaster’s thermal paste comes in the form of a syringe. There’s good reasons for doing so: the syringe design makes it easier when applying paste from above, particularly if you’re installing a cooler when the motherboard is already mounted within the case, and it ensures you can apply the paste without getting it everywhere. (Don’t get thermal paste on your hands if you can help it: if you ingest it accidentally, you’re in for a rough time.)

Unfortunately for CoolerMaster, there was a problem with their syringes. CoolerMaster is popular among budget gamers because their products are generally more affordable, so it’s pretty common for younger PC builders to be buying CoolerMaster components. And the ones that were getting into PC building and modding with CoolerMaster gear were causing their parents to worry … because the parents thought their kids were taking drugs.

Here’s a comparison of the new designs versus the old syringe-based thermal pastes and MasterGel:

Image: CoolerMaster Catalog

CoolerMaster’s new design applies paste in a much wider pattern, which will probably disappoint any PC builders who strictly preferred the “dot” method of applying thermal paste. (For the record, it doesn’t really matter what pattern you apply your thermal paste in, just as long as you apply enough.) And fans, to their credit, had fun with the announcement.

CoolerMaster’s new thermal paste designs will be available internationally in the coming weeks.


  • At first it’s like, “Fuck yeah, parents actually paying attention to what their kids are doing.”

    A moment that is swiftly ruined by a follow up of sheer incompetence.

    I’m having customer service flashbacks just thinking about the level of stupid involved in dealing with those sorts of complaints.

    I mean, if you’re gonna Google the company to find an avenue to complain… Maybe try reading ANYTHING about the company and/or products you just looked up.

    • I mean, if you’re gonna Google the company to find an avenue to complain… Maybe try reading ANYTHING about the company and/or products you just looked up.

      100% these complaints are made through facebook.

    • You must have missed all the Y2K compliant white goods… you know like toasters and analog ovens that may have decide to go on a murderous rampage when the date clicked over to ’00….

  • Well, Thermal paste does sound like a drug from some near future Cyperpunk movie.

    Reminds me of the story about the concerned parent who had found her kids was taking these pills stamped with ‘z3d’. Turns out it was an upside-down Pez.

  • Stupid parents who think harassing a PC supply company because they think their kids are doing drugs.,
    I would have told these parents to F OFF and grow a brain! guess that’s why I don’t do PR… lol

  • Am I the only person who didn’t read this tweet as anything other than the person in charge of CoolerMaster’s social media having a laff?

    • They’re definitely having a laugh, but they also definitely made new designs for the thermal paste, so a bit of both.

      • You say they’ve definitely made new designs, but from the only links provided I can’t see anything other than an additional line of themal paste. There’s still plenty of regular syringes in their online shop.

        Is there a press release or something, because nothing in the information I can find suggests anything other than that, indeed, it’s just their social media guy having a laff.

        • Yeah, I can’t imagine they’re going to stop selling their existing product – they’ve just added a new one. And it’s not really the social media guy having a laugh if it’s a new offering that’s being manufactured and rolled out worldwide – that’s a long way to go for just a Twitter joke.

          • I should have clarified that I don’t doubt they have made a new range that comes with a wider strip-like applicator. But I remain unconvinced it was introduced to appease concerned parents.

  • Looks like they found a clever way of getting some exposure, while introducing packaging that leads to more wastage.

    I highly doubt that they’ve ever been contacted by a concerned parent.

    • It’s kinda funny how much you underestimate the stupidity of people. In a sad way because you are going to experience it directly eventually and it won’t be at all pleasant. Either that or you are one of those oblivious people lol.

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