Dad Builds Custom Xbox Adaptive Controller So Daughter Can Play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Xbox’s Adaptive Controller has done some amazing things as far as accessibility in video games goes, but the setup isn’t hard-wired to only work on a Microsoft console. It can, with a little work, also run on the Nintendo Switch, and in doing so bring an enormous smile to a little girl’s face.

Rory Steel built this custom pad for his daughter, who has been itching to play some Zelda along with her friends, and it’s fantastic.

Once completed, it was time to test it out, and:


    Damn bushfire smoke in my eyes, I’m not crying you are! What a champion dad.

    How can I be smiling with joy and crying at the same time.. What a great story..


    Good guy Microsoft. Their Adaptive controller is a fantastic piece of tech.

    That's so brilliant. What a great story! Well done, Dad!

    Seeing how thrilled she is was probably the best part of my day today.
    Thanks for this story!

    I know I'm a bit late but I'm calling it early: I do believe that we have Kotaku story of the year right here!

    This is the sort of tech that i get excited about. Accessible gaming for all people.

    That's gotta be the best smile I've ever seen, and damn this blokes dad game is on point.

    this has to be without doubt the best story this publication has ever ran.good heart warming story of how a barrier was overcome to help a bull dung and personal opinion,now Kotaku you may have just found a winning formula here with this type of article.i think we would all like to see more articles like this.well done

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