Disco Elysium’s New Hardcore Mode Sounds Like A Bad Time

Disco Elysium’s New Hardcore Mode Sounds Like A Bad Time

“You will fail more,” reads the first bullet point in the official announcement of Hardcore mode (and widescreen support!) for magically delicious PC RPG Disco Elysium. I did not think that possible, yet here we are.

Every dice roll is harder to hit. Prices for healing pharmaceuticals are inflated, while money is more scarce. Smoking and drinking for courage and a clear head are much more useful in Hardcore mode, so you’ll be a boozehound who reeks of cigarette smoke scrounging money for pills. The game basically turns you into one of my sister’s ex-boyfriends. Good luck.

On the plus side, Hardcore mode doles out more experience, so players will level up faster. Also, it’s completely optional, so players can avoid it entirely and just enjoy the game at a more leisurely pace. Me, I’m just here for that sweet ultrawide support.


      • Yeah, it’s effectively 100% story. Failing rolls does lead to some interesting interactions sometimes, but generally I think upping the difficulty is just likely to make your experience worse.

        • Yup came here to say this. It was already frustrating to lose 95% rolls.

          Man the showdown part near the end annoyed the heck out of me as someone who hates to fail.

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