EB Games Is Flogging Off A Ton Of Headsets, Mice, Monitors, Games Today

EB Games Is Flogging Off A Ton Of Headsets, Mice, Monitors, Games Today
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Given yesterday’s news of nationwide store closures, EB would naturally want to get back on the front foot a little. Naturally, the best way to do that is to have a nationwide sale, and the company’s got some pretty substantial discounts on PC peripherals, racing wheels, gamepads, headsets and mice that are worth checking out.

The most eye-catching discounts are on huge widescreen monitors. The Acer Predator 34 inch X34 G-Sync monitor, which runs at 100Hz, is down to $899 today from $1479. ASUS’s Strix XG35VQ has FreeSync instead of G-Sync support, but it’s also a fraction larger at 35 inches which isn’t bad considering it’s going for $799 (and it tops out at 100Hz as well).

If you need a new set of cans, Audio Technica’s gamer headset, the closed-back AG1X, is down from $349.95 to $128. The open-back versions are going for the same price, too.

There’s also a ton of games and other peripherals available as part of EB’s Summer Sale. Here’s the full list of what you can grab online today, sorted in no particular order.

Plenty on offer. There’s more info available through the EB website, and if one of the 19 stores shutting down happens to be near you, there’s extra discounts there too. (If you do go in, say something nice to the staff.)


  • Having been in retail stores that are closing be nice most of these staff will be unemployed soon (let’s be honest if the other stores needed more staff they would have hired them)

    If they have routinely given you great service and advice perhaps offer to write them a recommendation on linkedin?

  • What this goes to show, is that we need more independent game stores again as EB has a complete Monopoly on the games front. We used to have independent stores everywhere, but then EB ran them all out of business.

    • The Gamesmens flagship store is still open! I cant support the bricks n mortar operation as its a lil far from me but i occassionall order stuff from them!

  • They’ve been selling this stuff cheap for weeks now. It’s because of Christmas. Not because they closed a few crap stores.

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