Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield V’s ‘Into The Jungle’ Update

Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield V’s ‘Into The Jungle’ Update
Misaki Yamashiro, a new elite fighter in Battlefield V’s upcoming expansion (Screenshot: EA)

Like an Instagram influencer in search of new content, Battlefield V has booked a trip to the Solomon Islands.

In an announcement video this morning, Battlefield publisher EA revealed the first Tides of War update of 2020 will feature a return to the Pacific Theatre. Out Thursday, February 6, “Chapter 6: Into the Jungle” will add a new map, two new gadgets (including the once-promised lunge mine), and three new elite fighters to the popular WWII shooter. The chapter will run for several weeks, after which you’ll still be able to play on the map, but you’ll lose any chance unlock rewards through your Chapter Rank (more on that in a bit).

It looks appropriately awesome, with all the bullets and explosions and frenetic action you’d expect from a Battlefield update. But Battlefield V’s 6.0 update looks to offer more than just a lush locale to wage war. In advance of the update, let’s run down everything we know.

What’s the new map?

“Into the Jungle” introduces the Solomon Islands as a map. Currently, the South Pacific archipelago is a must-see destination for in-the-know travellers and globe-trotting adrenaline junkies. (The island town of Gizo is especially popular among expert divers.) But back in the early 1940s, the region was a key WWII battleground. Most famously, the Battle of Guadalcanal—a campaign many historians point to as the beginning of Allied efforts in the Pacific—took place there during the final months of 1942.

EA bills Solomon Islands as a close quarters map, though in large-scale game modes, you’ll still be able to pilot vehicles. Solomon Islands will be playable in four modes: Breakthrough, Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. In the announcement video, developers at DICE recommend playing Breakthrough.

How about the gear?

All five new weapons and gadgets included in “Into the Jungle” are chapter rewards, meaning you’ll need to increase your Chapter Rank before unlocking any of them. You’ll increase your Chapter Rank simply by playing Battlefield V whenever a particular Tides of War chapter is officially ongoing, but, pro tip, you’ll gain extra experience if you play the specific Tides of War events.

The Assault class will get access to a new bazooka (the long-range, anti-tank M1A1) and the long-awaited Lunge Mine (which will also be available to the Support class). The lunge mine was a planned inclusion in update 5.0, but was held for a future update since the developers were “not satisfied with the behaviour of [the] gadget.” Historically, lunge mines were used by infantrymen of the Imperial Japanese Army to charge Allied tanks. Yes, the tanks would usually explode—but the weapon-wielder would, too.

Based on a test video released by the Battlefield V team in November, lunge mines in Battlefield V won’t be suicidal weapons. Rather, they’re similar in nature to the game’s bayonet charge feature, except you’ll get knocked on your feet. (A fair trade for a big explosion.) The Support class can also unlock the lunge mine.

For guns, the Assault class will unlock the fully automatic M2 Carbine, while the Support class will get access to the Model 37, a shotgun, and the Type 11, an LMG.

Sorry, Recon and Medic players. No news of any cool new gizmos for those classes.

Who are the new elite fighters?

Elite fighters are purely cosmetic. Though they feature sweet costumes and killer (literally) melee weapons, you’ll get no gameplay benefits from purchasing or unlocking these characters. Still, they look cool on the battlefield, and are fully voiced with quips and one-liners. What more could you want?

Image Misaki Yamashiro (Screenshot: EA)

Unlike most elite fighters, you can unlock Misaki Yamashiro—who wields a machete as a melee weapon—simply by playing the game a lot. If you can reach Chapter Rank 40 before “Into the Jungle” ends, she’ll be added to your roster.

Image Steve Fisher (Screenshot: EA)

According to his EA-approved bio, Steve Fisher loves quoting his “favourite film stars.” We can only speculate as to who, but given that war broke out in the Solomon Islands in 1942—the very same year Casablanca hit the silver screen—we’re holding out for a Bogie impression. (“The Germans wore grey, you wore…my bullets.”) Steve’s melee weapon is a knuckle duster.

Image Akira Sakamoto (Screenshot: EA)

Akira Sakamoto is a Zero pilot—revered and deadly pilots from the Pacific Theatre’s early stages—and uses an aeroplane control stick as a melee weapon. You’ll be able to purchase Steve and Akira with Battlefield Currency (which, yes, costs real-world money).

How long will Chapter 6 last?

At the moment, it’s unclear just how long “Into the Jungle” will last, as each chapter of Tides of War has lasted a different amount of time.

“Chapter 1: Overture,” for example, ran from December 6, 2018, to January 5, 2019. “Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes” ran from January 17, 2019, to March 21, 2019. “Chapter 3: Trial by Fire,” meanwhile, introduced a new battle royale (Firestorm) during the last week of March, a series of new co-op Combined Arms missions in April, a new map (the Crete-based Mercury) in May, and a new mode (Outpost) in June.

OK, so how much will this cost?

“Into the Jungle” will be a free download for all Battlefield V players.


  • I was thinking to myself “i really enjoyed the beta and I’m looking for a new team shooter that doesn’t have 10 second TTD. Maybe I’ll pick this up”

    Then I read all the bullshit about timed unlockables that I’ll have to grind hard to even be allowed to play the level that let’s me unlock them and I’m just fucking done with this forever.

    I have a job. I have a family. Stop trying to drive Engagement and just give me a game I enjoy. Stop trying to build a permanent connection to my eyeballs and brain and wallet through FOMO.

    • Nah i think you misread something…

      Maps are all available. The only timed unlocks are the episode specific ones and you get a week to get each of them. If you play for a few hours thats most likely enough

      Even beyond that – the game was dirt cheap a while back im sure it still is or will be again soon – i have played it a handful of times but its great fun and well worth my 40 hard earned dollars

      The game now is better than it ever has been and there is a bit of a learning curve to jump in from playing too much shipment recently but its still battlefield. Battlefield has a good feel and better pace than most shooters

      There is nothing you need to unlock apart from weapons and attachments but thats half the fun

      Jump in you wont regret it (coming from a father of 3 that barely has time to scratch his own ass but is stuck in the grind that is the modern warfare battle pass and continue to feel like im forced to play that as much as possible to get my moneys worth. No more battle passes for me after this season im done with that shit.)

      • Ok, tell me if I’m wrong here:
        In order to get the new unlocks I need to be level 40 on that chapter. In order to play that chapter I would need to play other parts of the game first. The promotion lasts for a short, but undisclosed amount of time.

        I read about a bump to the level XP requirements late last year and I know there are premium coins you can use to get the unlocks.

        Even if it’s possible to unlock everything, the fact is that a premium game with multiple paid extras is still trying to make people up their “engagement” rather than have fun is just bullshit I’m not interested in. Not to mention the new ways to pay that come with every content update. Just… fuck em.

    • Its pretty easy to jump in and out of causally. All the timed weapon unlocks become available too purchase the following week with the in game currency (company coin) . Would take maybe an hours play to earn enough for a new weapon.

    • I dont know what the problem, reaching level 40 to unlock all this stuff only takes as long as levelling a character to level 60 in WoW classic and MMO’s from the early 2000’s are known for not being grindy at all.

      Im sure it isnt artifically stretched out and time limited just because you can pay real money to skip the grind.

      Also, with one of the earlier chapters they didnt have the next chapter ready to go yet so they kept the previous chapter going for an extra week or two but during that time you could no longer earn XP towards it however you were still allowed to pay to unlock the items.

      These grinds plus the pathetic amount of content compared to previous BF games really shows how garbage “Live Services” really are.

  • “What more could you want?” – for them to be available without having to spend real money, as was initially promised on release for all cosmetics.

    “several weeks” – *months. It will be twelve weeks long.
    “…we’ve developed a multitude of changes and enhancements to the game across this 12 Week Chapter…”

    Honestly this reads like an ad in disguise.

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