Fanatical's Latest Deal Supports Aussie Bushfire Relief

Grab DOOM, Rime, Dishonored 2 or even learn Japanese and help out Australian bushfire relief at the same time.

Humble Bundle may have got there first — and raised a very tasty amount of money in the process — but there's still plenty of need across Australia for bushfire relief as summer continues to pummel us with seemingly unrelenting heat.

While the geniuses in Canberra stick their heads in the sand for the most part when it comes to the underlying causes (spoiler: the initials are the third letter of the alphabet, repeated twice), there's plenty you can do to support the charity efforts to help folks rebuild and repair.

The latest effort comes from Fanatical, where a dozen games are currently on sale with all proceeds — every last cent — going to the World Wildlife Fund's work in the bushfire crisis.

The scale of animal devastation is almost impossible to comprehend; the WWF's own figures suggest that around 1.25 billion animals may have already perished in the fires, and numerous species are likely to end up on the endangered list, once we can actually get into affected areas and sort out what needs to be done.

In a statement on its web site, Craig Johnson, Managing Director of Fanatical, said: “Given the recent devastating events in Australia, in which over one billion animals are thought to have died in the horrific wildfires, we felt compelled to do our bit to help. This Sunday, we will have a number of officially licensed Steam games available to purchase, and the proceeds made from these specific games will be donated to the WWF’s valiant campaign to mend a country that has suffered truly catastrophic events

What you can do is grab one of the 12 games and see all the money go to a very good cause. They're mostly older titles, but there's still a lot of fun to be had here. All games are delivered as Steam codes.

The following games are part of the sale, but you'll have to purchase them through Fanatical before Midday on Tuesday Australian time for them to count as a donation.

  • Doom $9.98
  • Rime $1.22
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus $9.98
  • Prey $8.98
  • Dishonored 2 $11.98
  • Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons $3.07
  • Learn Japanese To Survive! Trilogy $2.59
  • Mr Shifty $4.09
  • Everspace Ultimate Edition $10.79
  • Wreckfest $26.04
  • Skullgirls Complete Bundle $1.49
  • Train Valley 2 $17.05

You can find out more — and of course get to buying — over at Fanatical.


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