FTL, Released In 2012, Is Now Getting Achievements

FTL, Released In 2012, Is Now Getting Achievements
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Deep space death simulator FTL has for almost eight years existed with a single achievement: avoiding a sense of overwhelming despair as your carefully-cultivated run through the stars comes to a violent and bullshit end. That’s soon going to be joined by some more official company.

While not live yet, the game’s list of achievements are now live on FTL’s Steam page. You can’t see what actually unlocks them, but some of the names give it away, like “Some people just like to watch ships burn” and “Givin’ her all she’s got, Captain!”.

Other highlights include “Coming in for my Pacifism run!”, “No Redshirts Here” and “Victory through Asphyxiation”.


  • These achievements are already in the game, and have been since I got it a few years ago, so I assume this is just a steam thing. Plus, each one tells you what you need to do to complete them when you cursor over them in game.

  • I had the urge to play this again a few months back.
    Alas, my favourite mod is no longer compatible with the new version of FTL.
    It removed the ever-threatening enemy fleets that chased your ship in every sector, and completely changed the feel of the game from a tense headlong rush to a more exploratory voyage.

  • You can’t see what actually unlocks them
    They are actually all the achievements in the game’s stat page since release…
    this will link them to Steam. 30 achievements for ships, 21 for game play.

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