Furries Raise Over $17,000 For Australian Bushfire Relief

Furries Raise Over $17,000 For Australian Bushfire Relief

Streamers, celebrities, game publishers and studios have all gotten behind fundraising efforts to help everyone recover from the Australian bushfires with a speed and generosity that Australia’s federal government could learn from. Now, the furry community has done their part with a stream raising over $US17,000 ($24,641) for the Australian Red Cross.

The YouTube stream from the Imaginiatively Unimaginative artists, which you can rewatch below, was a pretty simple production. It started out as a fairly basic overlay featuring stream chat and Photoshop, with the intention to raise $US1000 ($1,449) for the Australian Red Cross.

As was the case with most streams by now, people’s generosity smashed that goal within 20 minutes. One of the streamers, Dinghy Manokit, helped entertain viewers by eating or drinking increasingly spicy sauce, chocolate and bits of food.

The worst item on the list was a piece of 9 million chocolate, which eventually led to those on stream falling on the floor, screaming, crying, and confused as to whether they had heart problems or stomach convulsions.

“Everything within my digestive tract is just like, ‘Fuck this shit’,” one of the streamers quipped.

The amount isn’t the largest raised by any stretch of the imagination, by gamers, fans or celebrities. But it is a sign of just how much the Australian bushfires have resonated around the world. Whether it’s the images, the infographics illuminating the scale, the numbers of wildlife affected or just willingness to help others in their most desperate time of need, just about everyone has pitched in.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

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