Furries Raise Over $25,000 For Australian Bushfire Relief

Furries Raise Over $25,000 For Australian Bushfire Relief

Streamers, celebrities, game publishers and studios have all gotten behind fundraising efforts to help everyone recover from the Australian bushfires with a speed and generosity that our federal government could learn from. Now, the furry community has done their part with a stream raising over $25,000 for the Australian Red Cross.

The YouTube stream from the Imaginiatively Unimaginative artists, which you can rewatch below, was a pretty simple production. It started out as a fairly basic overlay featuring stream chat and Photoshop, with the intention to raise $US1000 for the Australian Red Cross.

As was the case with most streams by now, people’s generosity smashed that goal within 20 minutes. One of the streamers, Dinghy Manokit, helped entertain viewers by eating or drinking increasingly spicy sauce, chocolate and bits of food.

The worst item on the list was a piece of 9 million scoville rated chocolate, eventually leading to the streamers falling on the floor, screaming, crying, and confused as to whether they had heart problems or stomach convulsions.

“Everything within my digestive tract is just like, ‘Fuck this shit’,” one of the streamers quipped.

The amount isn’t the largest raised by any stretch of the imagination, by gamers, fans or celebrities. But it is a sign of just how much the Australian bushfires have resonated around the world. Whether it’s the images, the infographics illuminating the scale, the numbers of wildlife affected or just willingness to help others in their most desperate time of need, just about everyone has pitched in.

Australian Streamers Raise Over $350,000 For Bushfire Relief

With the longest bushfire season in Australia's history still ongoing, the internet has rallied around Australia to support our volunteer firefighters in ways the government seemingly could not. Naturally, gamers have gotten behind the cause, and over the last week various streamers and influencers have banded together to raise more than $350,000 for volunteer organisations, shelters and wildlife rescue groups.

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    • Wrong Article, you’re looking for the Catholic Church fundraising efforts.

      In all seriousness, the more relief the better and c’mon man it’s 2020 let the Furry stigma from the 20-teens go champ.

      • Wrong Article, you’re looking for the Catholic Church fundraising efforts.

        In all seriousness, the more relief the better and c’mon man it’s 2020 let the Furry stigma from the 20-teens go champ.

        Pick one.

        • I’ll take both, please. If you’re okay with that bud?

          The Catholic Church stigma is well warranted for years (Decades? Centuries?) and for good reason. People exploring their sexual-identity in suits is non-comparable.

          • You can’t preach about removing the stigma of a group and praise the stigma of another group in the same comment pal.

            I chose not to call furries degenerates so you could probably handle not calling Catholics pedos. Food for thought.

          • “You can’t preach about removing the stigma of a group and praise the stigma of another group in the same comment”

            And yet I did.

            I suppose I could handle not calling Catholics pedos since I didn’t in the first place. How about I stick with implying the institutionalized sexual abuse by Catholic priests is a bit not great instead? Can we agree on that champ?

          • Just curious about what you are suggesting.

            Is it that furries /are/ pedos, so if they want to not be called that, in exchange we should not call other actual pedos that word? Tit-for-tat, etc?

            Or is it that neither furries nor the Catholic church have a systemic pedophilia issue, so calling either community “pedos” is unwarranted?

            But it cannot be the second option, because we all /know/ that the Catholic Church has a proven, continuously expanding and discovered pedophilia issue which they, as an institution, try to cover up. So is it the first option what you are trying to propose?

            I guess there’s a third option: you are drawing a false equivalence.

        • Ok, I’ll pick the truth that catholics/christians are some the worst, most evil people on the planet and have a long and rich history of protecting pedos who abuse children. You are pathetic.

  • How much money do they need.
    2 billion in government funding
    Over a billion in insurance and over 700 million in donations.
    How much money do they need and I bet this will get wasted.

    • It’s unknown territory at the moment, especially since it’s an ongoing thing.
      I doubt that numbers is even close to what’s going to be needed.

      I agree though, most of it’s not going to go where it’s supposed to, I bet we’re going to see millions being used to lined the pockets of the wrong people.

    • The Red Cross hasn’t gotten any of that 2 billion, and unlike the government money, the donations have … actually been received and are being used, while the government funds are taking time to clear.

      Don’t forget how much money the recovery is going to cost as well, particularly all the wildlife who will have to be resettled far away from their habitat, because their homes have been burnt so badly that there’s no possibility of natural regrowth.

    • Apparently the price tag from Black Saturday is $4.4 billion and by all accounts this is going to be far more than that.

      • I have no problems with donations.
        What I do have a problem with is the government wasting 2 billion in surplus that’s the problem

        • Tax payer dollars are supposed to be spent on Australians and our services, the only way it’s going to waste is if they misuse it.
          (So yeah, I suppose that given their track record it’s gonna go to waste)

        • The government helping people who have had their lives destroyed by fires is less important than a budget surplus?

          Jesus Christ you are a wanker.

          • No surplus is way more important than a bunch of idiots deciding to live in the bush.
            Most affected are rich so why the duck do we help

          • The rich live in cities you blithering imbecile. I grew up in a rural town, but you don’t need to in order to see it’s f****** obvious.

          • Jesus Christ, mate, it’s one thing to have an extreme opinion on these events but being a puerile troll is all kinds of screwed up.

          • Sorry but I find it a waste of money.
            There choice to live there not mine.

            It’s rednecks that started the fires in the first place.

            I don’t want my tax dollars going to things that don’t benefit me.

          • The only thing going to waste is time spent on your nonsense because we’re either throwing it away on a ridiculously bad troll or somebody who doesn’t understand the world beyond the tip of his own nose.

          • A literal machine-learning troll bot further down in the comments has shown more humanity than you today. Congrats on being a horrible person.

  • Don’t forget Alex Walker the money also goes to the bushfire victims providing them with the emergency relief they need to recover and hopefully rebuild their shattered lives we’ve already lost 28 people here in Victoria and 4 firefighters 3 from the NSW Rural Fire Service and 1 firefighter who got killed from a falling tree near Omeo after serving Parks Victoria for more than 40 years his name was Bill Slade the government is already pledging $50 million dollars to build a wildlife recovery centre because our wildlife are dying from their burns and the Andrews government is pledging to build a bushfire recovery centre to help those families who have been torn apart by the bushfires to seek help.
    I know the Red Cross hasn’t got to it’s target Alex Walker but we’re doing all we can to help those bushfire affected victims including our bushfire affected farmers who either lost or are about to lose their livestock by donating enough money through Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale program and not to mention Men’s clothing giant Lowes is donating $100,000 dollars to both the Red Cross Vinnies and CFA Bushfire Appeal. So how is that possible on why Red Cross hasn’t reached it’s target if you’re not going to to help those bushfire victims Alex Walker?
    Answer me that question.

      • I like to think he’s an advertising bot that gained some level of sentience, went rogue, took a name and is now free to explore his developing love of computer games and Alex Walker.

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