Garth Ennis Is Penning The Boys’ Prequel Comic

Garth Ennis Is Penning The Boys’ Prequel Comic
The cover of <em>The Boys: Dear Becky.</em> (Image: Darick Robertson)

By the end of its first season, it was obvious that Amazon’s live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys was going to be a wildly different beast than the comics that inspired it, considering how it worked its way through most of the source material’s major plot points. But just in time for the show’s return, Ennis is returning to The Boys’ world.

Speaking with The New York Times, Ennis explained how his desire to write The Boys: Dear Becky, which premieres in April, came from the fact that Becky Butcher doesn’t actually appear all that often in the original comics, even though her death at the hands of one of the Seven is one of the events that sets the larger story in motion.

There, Becky is raped by a member of the Seven and dies when the genetically enhanced child she becomes pregnant with proves lethal for her to carry. Devastated, Billy sets out to avenge Becky’s death and eventually he comes to form the Boys, which Ennis emphasised is what makes the story of her life so important.

“Butcher’s wife was someone I enjoyed writing. She was only in two issues of the comics, but cast a very long shadow,” Ennis said. “Her fate ties into all of Butcher’s actions.”


  • …damn it garth! dunno if anyone has actually read the boys here, (I certainly have) but it doesn’t need a prequel. more than that garth is just… if you’ve ever read anything by garth you’ll quickly understanding the meaning of anvilicous. if you thought the rise of SJW was smacking you in the face with a hammer, garth rides a bloody steamroller for his views.

    haven’t seen the tv series. I’ll probably get around to it eventually out of curiosity but, really the comics are just overplayed edge already. the comics main draw is morbid curiosity. the like the all-star batman series. they aren’t particularly good but, you just can’t look away the trainwreck.

    so if you’ve read this far I applaud you. I’ve rambled enough to make no point in particular. you get the prize of reading through a bored mans post online.

  • Whatever happenend to the good old days of Charles Schultz , Jim Davis and Dik Browne?..oh, that’s right the world is too progressive and perverted for that shit anymore; “Preacher” TV series is pretty average too..wouldn’t mind seeing a making of “Crossed Salt” but that will probably become “unpopular” soon, so I thank you Mr Ennis for ruining comics for another generation.

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