Goose Game’s Creators Are Helping Reckon With Australia’s Past

Goose Game’s Creators Are Helping Reckon With Australia’s Past

Acknowledging that their studio—like everything else in Australia—is built on stolen land, Untitled Goose Game creators House House have pledged to pay “at least 1% of our income” as rent to Indigenous groups.

This is a relatively new thing in Australia, born out of an increasing desire amongst many to fully reckon with the country’s colonial past. Recent years have seen a growing (if still muted) call for the date we celebrate Australia Day—historically January 26—to be shifted, since it commemorates the founding of colonial Australia, something that not only fails to resonate with a more diverse and multicultural society, but which also marks the beginning of over 200 years of abhorrent treatment of Aboriginal peoples.

House House are making the payments via the Pay The Rent scheme, which will see the money donated to three groups: Wurundjeri Tribe Council (House House’s studio is on Wurundjeri land), the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance and Seed Mob, a climate change-focused organisation.


  • Purely out of interest, has any other country offered something similar?

    There’s been a lot of colonisation/invasions in human history and would be interesting to see how countries dealt with the repercussions

    • For me the only really notable examples are America and Australia. Other places had a lot of British overtaking but not on the same scale as us and the US.

      There’s also the Ainu, essentially Japanese aboriginals. I’m not too au fait with Japanese history but do know it was a similar invasive type takeover.

      Edit: Oops, I misread “offered” as “suffered”.
      I know the Americans have a tricky relationship with Native Americans and have come up with certain schemes and releasing of land but I’m not sure if they’ve got similar schemes in place. The Ainu as far as I understand have had some relief but still get it rough.

      • New Zealand should be a pretty easy add to that list. What about Anglo countries? I’m not big on history but there were plenty of wars back in the day.

    • I’m reasonably confident the historical response has been fairly consistently an attitude of ‘too bad, you lost’. Opinions and perspectives turning against colonialism amongst the beneficiaries of colonialism is a fairly modern occurrence.

    • New Zealand, Canada, USA. England handing back India and Hong Kong. It’s not often in very good ways, but it’s a thing.

      New Zealand is probably the closest to a good solution we’ve seen.

    • Dealt with? That implies there has been finality to any issue of this nature, but that is where the major problem lies. You will never, ever, repay or do enough for all those involved to consider any such matter settled.

      There is no “okay we’re square” because it’s impossible to ever calculate… And even if you could, people would still disagree and say more is required.

      • i agree with what your saying but i have a question.

        do you think saying ” the beginning of over 200 years of abhorrent treatment of Aboriginal peoples.” is pretty hyperbolic.

        from my limited knowledge the big issues for the last 20 years or so are alcoholism, domestic violence, education and life expectancy.

        Alcoholism is hardly the fault of colonialism that is a personal responsibility issue. Domestic violence i don’t see how that is anyone else fault since it largely stems from culture and alcoholism. at least that’s what i’m told.

        Life expectancy is a weird one if you have high rates of alcohol abuse and people living out in bumfck nowhere away from good medical care then lower life expectancy is a given surely.

        education is one that i find stupid western education is antithetical to aboriginal culture it’s just not how they teach/learn, and a western style education is only useful if the people intend to live in wider society. If they intend to live a more traditional lifestyle out bush then a western education is just a waste of time and forcing it on them is stupid.

    • “Scheme” is probably the wrong word – it’s a grassroots movement so it’s not technically the country offering it. Anyone could start a pay the rent movement and anyone in a country on colonised land could donate 1% of their income to charities that help the indigenous population of the land they live on to adapt the idea.

    • I’d also be interested in knowing the exact details of reparations or ongoing support for those indigenous to countries that were colonised by the French/British/Spanish/Portugese/Dutch. Many people seem to forget that it wasn’t solely Britain sailing around claiming countries.

      US wasn’t even solely taken over by the British; Spain and France had huge swathes of land (of which US purchased, see the Purchase of Louisiana in 1803). Some were more brutal than others in the dealing with native peoples, the Spanish are accredited to the wiping out of the Aztecs in Mexico.

      France actually still make their colonies in Africa pay them, whether they like it or not.

  • Practice what you preach comes to mind…other indigenous cultures seem to have made at least some progress but after 500 years nothing seems to have changed and the attitude “the world owes me something” clean up your own fucking backyard before trying to piss on mine; its not like the Australian Aboriginals actually put up a fight really and sold their land off , who is alive today to actually corroborate what did or did not happen, I see them piss ,shit and trash the environment and in the same breath call themselves custodians? I have great respect for those who have integrated and yet still hold their culture although having to adapt to change; that really takes balls….no respect for those who aren’t man enough to raise a brood of seventeen kids wandering aimlessly around town at midnight..

  • What a load of crap! It’s yet another way for the government to take more money from us and using guilt as the motive. Nothing the government does is for anyone’s benefit but the government!!!!!!!

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