Grand Theft Auto V Is On Game Pass Now

Grand Theft Auto V Is On Game Pass Now
Screenshot: Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V is available on Xbox Game Pass today. In other news, I kind of regret not having an Xbox now?

Xbox Game pass is a subscription service that allows players to pay for monthly access to hundreds of games. Grand Theft Auto V is now part of that catalogue. For players that have Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the slightly more expensive subscription that’ll give you Game Pass for both PC and console, you’ll also have access to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Xbox Game Pass seems more and more like an unbeatable deal when it comes to hitting all those games you meant to play but never did. Now that Game Pass is on PC as well as consoles, I think I’m going to have to take the plunge. I always did want to rob banks.


  • Yeah, I think console only at this stage.. They’re pushing this ‘Ultimate Game Pass’ bizzo a lot despite the PC share being minimal.. Not that it’s a big deal for me, my PC is pretty crap so couldn’t fun half of the stuff I’d want to play there..

    Still, for those with PC, hoping it comes to you too..

  • Not only that Hellblade:Sensuas sacrifice is the move moving story with astounding visuals, sound,character,lore and most importantly writing.. Ive not cared about a character this much in a while. I dare you to not play the first 5 minutes and not get drawn in. hyperbole maybe…still amazing gameLooking forward to the sequel. Games Pass is pretty damn good and microsoft Buying up developers as Sony did is already paying off. Should be an interesting next gen.

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