Here’s The PlayStation 5 Dev Kit, Courtesy Of One Very Ballsy Cleaner

Here’s The PlayStation 5 Dev Kit, Courtesy Of One Very Ballsy Cleaner
Image: Facebook
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Someone’s definitely going to lose their job over this.

New shots of the PlayStation 5 devkit have leaked online, courtesy of someone who is almost certain to lose their job. A cleaner who occasionally works at an undisclosed Ubisoft office posted a shot online of a PS5 dev kit on a desk, asking kindly that people “do not share this”.

Naturally, the shots are now all over Reddit, Twitter, NeoGAF, Resetera, and just about everywhere else.

Image: Facebook

The original post has tried to redact the person’s name and the group which it was shared in, but the redaction job is really bad, so Ubisoft are going to immediately track down this bloke and have him shot into space. The original post has since been deleted, but the images are already viral.

So lesson learned: if you’re handling or near sensitive information, and you or your company has promised not to leak it. So the original cleaner is in for a world of pain, but for everyone else, at least we have a proper photo – albeit an incredibly low quality one – to go off.


  • And before anyone jumps to conclusions, dev kits almost always look very different to actual retail consoles so this is not an indication AT ALL of what the final PS5 console will actually look like.

    • I expect it will look considerably different to the retail version as well. This looks clunky in a way that suggests they’re getting overheating components apart, and maximising cooling. Which can be for several reasons, including using preliminary components that will be cooler and/or smaller.

      If its going to look different though, I think Sony will need to reveal the retail look fairly soon. The Xbox Series X that we know is coming simply looks better, and that image is what is ticking over in peoples minds.

      Do Sony do CES? That starts on Wednesday and would be the obvious location regardless.

      • I strongly disagree. Going on aesthetics alone, I don’t want a Series X anywhere near my TV cabinet. This looks a little goofy, but I’m kinda into it.

        • What you don’t like the Series X mini-fridge look?

          I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want that eyesore in full view for all to enjoy.

          • For you and @snoweee I dont mind the simplicity of the Xbox look. It isnt offensive, and the aesthetics are neutral enough to slot into most setups. If people really think its an eyesore, thats a personal choice, nothing more. My personal choice is that I dont mind it.

            What makes it an eyesore though? Seriously, whats so wrong with it to be getting this reaction? Are speakers eyesores? Bookshelves? TV’s? Most of the time they’re a basic rectangular shape as well, which must be what makes it an eyesore, because there’s not much else to it.

            It isnt a PS v Xbox thing is it? Surely people arent that petty.

          • It’s too boxy for my tastes. Lying it down (there would be nowhere I could put it standing up in to unit), it sits roughly 6 inches tall, higher than a blu-ray case. It makes me think of any time I’ve brought down the PC to plug into the TV for a special occasion, it always sits out like a sore thumb.

            I’d place good money that the other X box models Microsoft will be bringing out will be designed towards looking good in a tv cabinet. I’m just not a fan of (what I assume is) the “elite” model

          • They really shouldn’t be in TV cabinets anyway – it’s a good way to put the system under heat stress. They need adequate ventilation for proper cooling – especially now that they’re basically PCs with a single hardware profile. That heat has to go somewhere and venting it into a closed TV cabinet is a bad idea.

          • I got a new (big!) TV about a year ago. I had to get a low TV cabinet to go under it because the old one was too high – it would have blocked the bottom of the new one where it is mounted on the wall. The shelves are quite low and slim, but there’s enough space to fit a console. What I did do was leave the back off when I assembled it, so when I’m using the PS4 I just open up the door on the front and there’s enough airflow through there to keep things running nicely. But I don’t think a series X would actually fit into one of the shelves. I couldn’t put it on top (would block the bottom of the screen). I’d probably have to just stick it on the floor off to the side or something, which isn’t really ideal. It just looks too big for the space I’ve got.

          • Fair enough. For me, that boxiness isnt something I hate. I havent had an Xbox since the original, but this one has my attention. The boxiness means it just fits into my setup without issue. The original by the way was a horrible size for me, but in the end sat on a shelf where it didnt matter anyway.

            It just surprises me to see such hate for a neutral design. The very nature of its simplicity means it fits in anywhere. The PS5 devkit looks the opposite of that, and to me is the eyesore people wont want to be on display.

            I’ll probably end up with both by the way, regardless of how they look.

          • Agreed. As a fan of both PlayStation and Xbox, I feel that Xbox simply gets hate these days because it’s Xbox. Sure, preference is king but the ones constantly downing a company or product for whatever reason, probably weren’t going to buy one to begin with.

            With all that being said, I’m very curious to see what the PS5 has in store for us!

      • Just as a point of reference:

        The PS2 dev kit looked kind like a PS2, but was supersized with other obvious differences in the chassis:

        The PS3 dev kit looked like a long, flat, rectangular box, like this:

        The PS4 dev kit looked like a compact, rectangular box:

        Gives you an idea of just how different the dev kits look compared to the retail consoles.

      • They’re probably stressing these units with the extra debugging and testing features so having it in a larger chassis with adequate cooling and perhaps to swap out hardware if needed makes sense. There’s even an extra LCD in there displaying stuff end users typically couldn’t care less about like the console’s MAC address. The retail units won’t look anything like this – these are literally for devs to play around with.

      • Yes, Sony do CES and there are strong rumours pointing at some form of reveal at their press conference. I think that happens at 12pm AEST Wednesday.

        • I thought it was Tuesday US time, which would push it out to Wednesday for us. Happy to be wrong on that, was more about whether Sony did a presentation or not than the date. Couldnt remember if they typically skipped CES or not.

          If they’re there as you say (and no reason to disbelieve you), common sense says there will be a PS5 reveal, just to match the Xbox reveal.

          • Maybe you are right about the time, I’m probably just confusing myself… Or I’m just inpatient and want it today.

    • I appreciate you saying this, and I thought you made it pretty clear so I’m amazed that many posts still seem to imply that this is possibly going to bear some resembles to the final product.

      To further clarify: This is a dev kit. It is not meant to look like the final product. It WILL NOT look like the final product. This is not a PS5. What you buy will not be this, nor anything like this, period.

    • You should check out Darknet Diaries podcast episodes 45-46. It goes over all of this and even has Dylan detailing a lot of what happened. He’s currently in Eastern Europe in hiding because there’s no extradition from there.

      • Holy hell…. there’s still a case against him???

        Thanks muchly for the tipoff – i will give the podcast a listen at work tomorrow. Cheers mate.

        • No worries. My cousin introduced me to those episodes and I’ve now gotten hooked on the whole podcast series that I now listen to it when I’m at the gym or the beach

  • It’s not gonna save this fellas job (if it’s even a cleaner) but we’ve known what the dev kit has looked like for a while now.

  • I’ll take it in any form I can get it! I’ve just had a complete file corruption event on my PS4 and am in the process of downloading all my saves from the cloud (thank god) and then games from my library. I hope it can last 6 more months … I think it’s on its last legs and I really don’t want to buy another one for a few months. Secondhand Pro might be a fallback option.

    • Argh. Same thing happened to me about 6 months ago. Managed to recover everything but then it happened again. And again.
      Hope yours is all good, but I’d prepare yourself for the worst. I believe it’s usually linked to a failing harddrive.

      • Thanks! that’d actually not be too bad. I do have the original drive somewhere (I dropped a 2TB in on purchase), which could tide me over until the PS5 – I’ll go look for it now! Save me getting a replacement PS4, if it comes to the worst.

    • sucks man

      I dont want to burst you bubble but its approx. 10 to 11 more months, not 6 months, for the ps5

        • Both the PS3 and PS4 had November release dates. A “holidays” release date usually means “in time for Christmas”.

        • I thought exactly the same thing until i googled what the holiday season is. Yes america takes its main holidays over june july but apparently holiday season means Christmas from them.

  • I hope this custodian does not lose their job, although they almost certainly will. It is not as if the physical form of the PS5 dev kit was some closely guarded secret, but rules are rules. If they let him off the hook this time, he might be emboldened to post actual sensitive information that could allow a competitor to gain an advantage.

    I feel sorry for this cleaner. They may lose their job and have this breach of conduct haunting them for a considerable amount of time.

    • I’m almost certain they’d be warned upon getting hired about the consequences of leaking secret information.
      He must not have liked his job.

      • Unfortunately NDA means NDA. the dev kit appearance may not be much but, had it been trade secrets or some such there’d be far worse than a firing.

        • yeah exactly. He sure as shit would have signed many NDAs when hired.
          I honestly don’y feel for him at all.
          There is NO WAY he took that photo and not expect it to be shared. No one could possibly be that dumb.

  • How does a cleaner know that it’s prototype 1? Why would the OP want to tell them that they’re a cleaner and even throw a yellow cleaning cloth into the picture?
    Sounds like someone is laying a false trail imo.

  • xbox controller right there. wonder if they were using it on the dev kit? I could imagine them doing that at the game companies but then just not shipping it with that support.

    Got me thinking, a nice feature PS5 could have to tempt me to it would be xbox controller support. PS1 might still be my favourite console and PS has had some good exclusives over the years, but ever since the xbox 360 microsoft has been controller champion for me.

    • I’m likely flipping over to the Xbox for the next gen, and very much looking forward to getting my hands back on that sweet controller. I’ve tolerated the DS4, but it’s never felt as good to me.

      • im more of a PC player nowadays, but i use my xbox one controller for basically all games (except ‘competitive’ things like R6 siege and PUBG etc). Just because i love that controller so much.

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