Surrender Your Coins To Humble's January Sale

humble sale the witcher 3 tomb raider borderlands 3

Even though we've finally made it through the hectic sale period, some deals are still persisting and on today's menu is the Humble Store's 'Winter' sale. Here are some of the best finds if you've got any spare pennies remaining.

While most people are likely to have played The Witcher 3 series, if you've recently been converted by the Netflix series, it's a steal at $23.69 including the excellent and very meaty expansion packs. Other standouts include Control for $58.22, Devil May Cry 5 for $28.03, the Tropico 5 collection for $17.48 or if you're in the mood for dumb fun under $5, Saints Row IV is going for $3.74.

Check out the rest of the sales on Humble's store.

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    Final Fantasy IX: $5.77

    Actual price: $18.24


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