JB Hi-Fi’s Flogging Off A Ton Of Gamer Laptops, Monitors, Headsets, Mice

JB Hi-Fi’s Flogging Off A Ton Of Gamer Laptops, Monitors, Headsets, Mice
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Need a new laptop or a nice screen? There’s a ton discounted at JB Hi-Fi right now, so here’s what you can get.

The discounts range from entry level student laptops to higher-end gaming focused rigs. You can get a few hundred bucks off last year’s Dell G3 15, which I benchmarked below, and there’s also discounts on a string of CoolerMaster peripherals and gear. Some monitors are discounted too, including a $120 saving on the 34-inch LG IPS 75Hz ultrawide monitor, and $150 Dell’s 27″ 155Hz FreeSync gaming screen. Alienware’s 34″ curved gaming screen is down to $1758 as well, if you’re after that kind of real estate. ASUS’s dual screen Zenbook Duo is down to $2299 for the i7/MX250/16GB model as well, which isn’t a bad price.

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All deals can be viewed in-store or through the JB website.


  • Hard to find any actual deals here, as one would expect from JB. A lot of the stock is discontinued and no longer widely available so hard to price check, but items that do come up show that JB’s ‘clearance’ price is equivalent to previously advertised catalogue prices.

    The Logitech G402 at $71.20 is $7 dearer than the Officeworks price of $63.96, and by $10 or more from the usual discount outlets. Bin Lee has the 32ML600M LG 32″ IPS HDR 75Hz Gaming Monitor for $299.

    • This…

      JB HI FI are ripping off customers here – this tech is outdated, if you want to buy the monitors they are advertising, go on Ebay and use one of many of the %10-15 discount codes

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    • (I typed out a whole thing and then of course Superloop had an outage and the browser lost everything, sigh)

      Anyway, it’s not an ad. We do these stories because readers really like them – and it’s not like JB advertises online anyway, their digital footprint is large enough to sit alongside LinkedIn, IMDB and Imgur in Australia.

      If there’s any sponsorship, we always make sure it’s 100% disclosed. This one is purely just because readers like the service, and that’s the whole point of the job.

      • Clearly they dont visit Kotaku often enough to understand how much you label sponsorship. If they did, they’d know what they should know about their phone contract (amusingly, its right below this article), or if they’d been around a little longer, how to take the perfect selfie as a cosplayer.

        Labeling sponsored content has never been a problem here.

      • i could understand why they would think it is an ad, this is the exact same or super similar post thats been posted for at least 4 days in a row now.

    • They are indeed.

      Two weeks later, clicking through any of the links shows most or all are back to even more stupid expensive. Top three links alone have gone back from $319 > $399, $549 > $749 and $63.20 > $79.

      Bit of a necro thread, but the article is still appearing on the page 1 sidebar, so :-/

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