The Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Game Of 2019

The Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Game Of 2019

Right, it’s time for the big one. We’ve all had our say, but what was your favourite game of 2019?

The results are actually pretty stunning. It’s the most one-sided victory I’ve ever seen in my time working at Kotaku Australia. It was an absolute wash, and it’s completely deserved given just how damn good the game was, although it’s one that you probably haven’t heard a huge amount of talk about in the last few weeks of GOTY discussions.

So without further ado, third place goes to …

The Outer Worlds

The Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Game Of 2019The Outer Worlds_20191023181304

Everything about The Outer Worlds can be neatly described by this excellent JB review:

The Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Game Of 2019Image: Supplied

The Fallout the masses wanted, in so many ways: a classic Obsidian adventure, minus the trademark Obsidian jank. What’s not to like?

In second place, by the slimmest of margins, was …

Jedi: Fallen Order

The Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Game Of 2019

I thought Sekiro might end up here, but it was Respawn’s brand of Souls combat meshed with Star Wars that finished second. One of the worst maps in a game this year, but that aside, Respawn know their shit. EA’s future might have more singleplayer games in it than we thought.

Jedi Fallen Order's Opening Is The Uncharted Star Wars Game We Never Got

One of the saddest bits of news this year was the cancellation of Visceral's Star Wars game, an adventure billed as an open-world Uncharted in the classic LucasArts universe. We'll never see what that could of been, but at least in the opening, Jedi Fallen Order does its best to bring those Uncharted vibes back.

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Right. Now it’s the big one.

More people voted for this than every other game this year.

Your favourite game of 2019 is …

Resident Evil 2


I’m sure everyone voting didn’t put Resident Evil 2 there because of how funny the Thomas the Tank Engine mod was, but I like to think it helped. But the remaster itself was outstanding and a great example of how to modernise a classic. Hopefully the rest of the series gets this level of treatment, and more studios follow Capcom’s example.

Meet True Horror

If you're one bite away from death, you know what you really don't want to see coming around the corner? Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Thanks to everyone who voted! Games that just failed to make the cut, in order of placing: Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Control and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Later today, we’ll do the other side of the coin: your most disappointing game of 2019. Stay tuned, folks.


  • Common opinion seems to be that 2019 was a pretty awful year for games and the fact that a remaster/rebuild of a 21 year old game was the GOTY kind of confirms that. It’ll be interesting to see if the FFVII reboot pulls a similar stunt but I don’t have as much confidence that Square can pull that off these days.

    • Highly recommend watching Skill Up’s top games of 2019.

      He addresses the topic (of what king of year it was) in a very common sense way. Also couldn’t agree more with his #1 game. A true modern classic, but unfortunately not one you see on many lists.

      • I wonder if Outer Wilds will make it onto some 2020 lists, on account of it being released in that year.

        This 6-12 month platform launch date difference might be good for sales in that there’s a second bite of the cherry, but it seems to dampen hype.

  • The 2019 AAA space was so not for me. Add in a backlog and a baby and you have a recipe for my least amount of new games played in a year since getting back into games 14 years ago.

    Control was really the only major release that I really wish I played that I didn’t, and that was due to hearing that it really chugged on a launch PS4 and not having a PC good enough to run it.

  • OK, so clearly by the end of the year when Disco Elysium gets ported to consoles and Switch, I’ll need to go find one of those Russian botting companies and pay them to flood the responses with Disco Elysium.

  • I wouldn’t say Resident Evil 2 is my number 1 favorite game Alex Walker it should have been either Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled or Spyro Reignited Trilogy but Resident Evil 2 as our number 1 favorite game is absolute bullshit.

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