Legends Of Runeterra's Public Beta Starts Today

legends of runeterra public beta launch date

Legends of Runeterra isn't far away. Riot Games announced over the weekend that a public open beta - and the first where progress won't be wiped - will kick off on January 24.

The news was the first in a string of info about Riot's League plans for 2020, including changes to League itself. As for Runeterra, that's still due for a PC and mobile launch later this year, although Riot couldn't put a timeframe on the launch window, whether the mobile version would launch simultaneously across iOS and Android, and what regions it'd initially launch in.

But if you just want to give Runeterra a go, you can. It'll officially launch on January 24 in Australia, provided you pre-registered on PC before early January 20.

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League of Legends is going mobile, and along the way it's taking a crack at Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. With no card packs and a promise to offer more a little more depth and deckbuilding strategy without some of the RNG, Legends of Runeterra is a fast, but neatly layered digital card game within the League universe.

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As with the two private beta windows last year, the launch of the public beta will bring some new modes. Ranked play, friends list and the ability to challenge friends, and new play boards and guardians will all feature as part of the open beta.

More importantly, Riot said "there will be no further account resets - anything players earn once open beta starts is theirs to keep".The game will feature full cross-platform play when it launches on mobile too, so anything you earn now should cross over to the mobile version if you want to continue playing there.

For those who don't pre-register, you'll still get access to Riot's CCG next week - just a day later. You'll need a Riot account to play either way, however, so you might as well pre-register here. (Pre-registration is available on Android too.)


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