Let’s See How Construction On Nintendo’s Theme Park Is Coming Along

Let’s See How Construction On Nintendo’s Theme Park Is Coming Along

Super Nintendo World is due to open in around six months time, which is why we’re starting to get stuff like big shiny music videos. For something a bit more real, though, let’s check out some aerial footage of the park under construction at Universal Studios Japan, see how things are coming along.

For reference, the first few seconds in this clip from Japanese TV uploaded by Yuta_USJ are showing how everything looked in 2017, when it was just a parking lot and some big dreams. And now…there are giant Yoshis.

We last checked in on construction in 2019, and a lot of stuff was kinda obscured, so it’s nice getting a good look at Yoshi and the flagpole like this.

The park is scheduled to open before the Tokyo Olympics, which kicks off in July.


  • I am absolutely over the moon and excited for Super Nintendo World opening at Osaka’s Universal Studios in Japan in six months time before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and I definitely can’t wait to try out wearing a Mario-themed Power up wristband that syncs up your smartphone via an app and I can’t wait to go on my own adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom and that’s racing around a MarioKart track and even riding Yoshi.
    Also I can’t wait to see the no limits campaign when Universal Studios launches the campaign next month.
    Amazing job Nintendo acquiring your partnership rights with Universal Studios and I can’t wait for Super Nintendo World to open in six months before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games start.

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