The Magic: The Gathering MMO Is Basically Diablo

The Magic: The Gathering MMO Is Basically Diablo

At The Game Awards last year, Wizards of the Coast dropped a curious surprise: the makers of the Neverwinter MMORPG would be taking a shot at Magic: The Gathering, making another MMO in the Planeswalker-dominated universe.

There wasn’t any gameplay of Magic Legends at the time, but there sure is now. And it’s basically Diablo.

The trailer, uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube account this morning, shows a couple of characters wandering around and blasting a ton of fire, ice, light and various other spells at fields of enemies. I could dress it up any other way, but this is basically Diablo mechanics in the world of Magic: four face buttons correspond to different attacks, some characters and spawn elementals as support, there’s a shared mana and health bar, cooldowns … everything you’d expect a game to have from what I’ve just typed, really.

There’s a few named planeswalkers in there – Lyra Dawnbringer, for instance – but we’ve got no idea what time frame Magic Legends is set in. Either way, if you were wondering what you were in for, now we know precisely. Magic Legends is hitting PC (Steam) and consoles, with signups for a beta live now through the Magic Legends site.


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