McDonald's Japan Introduces The Adult Cream Pie

The cream pie is a traditional, delicious dessert. McDonald’s Japan is rolling out a version at its restaurants across the country with some unfortunate innuendo. Oh no!

In Japanese, “cream pie” refers to the dessert just like in the West. However, the English language “cream pie” slang is known in Japan (though, obviously, not as well known as its local lingo counterpart).

There is an innocuous commercial and everything! But all that innocent creamy goodness is undermined by poor word choice.

McDonald’s is calling this tasty treat the “Otona no Kuriimu Pai” (大人のクリームパイ), which means an “adult cream pie” and inadvertently evokes the sexual slang. This was certainly not the fast-food chain’s intent. I hope.

Otona no (literally, “adult’s”) can have a neutral meaning of something that is for grown-ups or something with sexualized connotations. So someone should’ve known?

Even worse still, simply adding adaruto (アダルト or “adult”) to Japanese language cream pie (クリームパイ) searches results in a plethora of porn results.

Surely, someone there saw this coming?


    We will know their intent based on whether Will Arnett gets hired to say kuriimu pai.

    Newsflash, the japanese aren't as uptight about sex as westerners.

      The ad is 100% an accidental sexual reference and McD Japan would never have let this go through if they had realised. No way on earth. Also, Japanese ideas about sex are relaxed in some ways, but crushingly uptight in others.

      It's not as simple as "Well they're not uptight like us!". That's really not even applicable here.

      They literally blur out private parts in porn...

        Lol. and they aren't allowed to have an army. That's the USA - war terms imposed to this day not because of the Japanese.

    "Surely, someone there saw this coming?"

    Ba-dum-tshh! He'll be here all week, folks!

      Scrolled down to make some sort of joke about not being able to see it until after. Should've realised there's no way i wasn't beaten.

    Considering they’ve got their own word for the concept, I’m guessing it’s only perverse Westerners that’ll take it the wrong way.

    Now if they used their word, I’d choke on my coco pops.

      They use the English word more or less interchangeably with the Japanese word.

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