Minecraft Player Gets Electrocuted Every Time He Takes Damage

Congratulations, Dream and GeorgeNotFound. You have found the worst way possible to play Minecraft.

For a while now Dream, a Minecraft YouTuber, and his buddy GeorgeNotFound have been working on a way to attach an electrified dog collar to a human arm, then rig it via an Arduino board so that every time a player takes damage in the game, they get shocked.

(Firstly, why would you do this? And secondly, holy shit, you can actually buy electrified dog collars?)

But done it they have, with GeorgeNotFound the lucky/unlucky selection to wear the contraption during a recent session. It starts slow, but by the end—where he’s taking successive fall damage—it gets pretty rough.


    He does NOT get electrocuted, he gets shocked.

    Electrocution is a shock causing death. (It's a portmanteau of electricity and execution...).

    Also, see the Bond film Never Say Never Again and the game "Domination". :)

      Typo: you’ve got “see” instead of “definitely don’t see” ;)

        I meant "see" as "to refer to", not "to sit down and watch", but I take your point. :D

      Pedantic Cat is being pedantic.

      NB: this is not criticism. I'm a huge fan of Pedantic Cat.

        Sometimes one must take a stand for what's right. The battle for the apostrophe may be lost, but we may yet save "electrocuted" and "unique"...

    Ha ha ha, yeah, nah thanx. All i can think of is my stubborn refusal of creative mode while building insanely big fortresses and stuff and how much i fall off shit while doing it.

    Imagine poison or hunger damage. Eeep.

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