Kogan’s Back With Their NBN 100 Unlimited Bargains

Kogan’s Back With Their NBN 100 Unlimited Bargains
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Australia’s internet is famously expensive as all hell, so why pay more for NBN 100 than you have to? That’s Kogan’s argument, and they’re back today with one of the most affordable NBN 100 deals around.

If you missed out on the NBN 100 deals over Black Friday and Christmas, this is the best year-long NBN 100 deal you can get. Kogan’s offering $78.90 a month for unlimited NBN 100, with the price rising to $88.90/month after the first six months.

I said Kogan had the best year-long deal right now, and that’s important to note because of Vodafone’s current $75/month deal. It looks cheaper initially, but there’s a huge catch: the deal rises from $75/month to $95/month after the first six months, and if you leave Vodafone within three years, you’ll be charged additional modem fees.

If you want to compare all the other no contract NBN 100 unlimited plans, the widget below has everything you need.


  • I wonder if he’s still sourcing his wares from sweatshops and forced labor factories as he was notorious for doing back in the early 20-teens…

  • umm I’m with Dodo and have unlimited 100NBN with 40Mb/s upstream for $85 a month, out of contract (I also have power and gas with Dodo). Some nights download speeds may drop down to 6MB/s during peak times, but I’ve never had any issues with bandwidth while watching Youtube (1080p content) and / or gaming online.

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